Investing in a pre-owned watch vs. Investing in an ISA

We want to show you that luxury goods can be a great investment, so we’ve tracked over 1,000 Xupes products from the past 4 years and have produced some very interesting results.

Currently, the graph displays on average the price increase across over 1,000 products included in our research, against Bank of England ISA data. Use the filter to find out the increases across various brands of watches, or even models, including Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Omega and Cartier.

Pre-Owned Watches vs Isa

Filter Chart



  • Average price increase across over 1,000 Xupes products
  • ISA data based on Bank of England data

Watch price increase based on Xupes sales data 2013-2017 - only years with data available and sales value % increases YoY are shown.
The chart shows the median percentage increase of our sale price for each year including a specified range of condition and age.