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Montblanc is the second largest luxury goods company under ownership of the Richemont group. Its is a German company with many branches across Europe. Predictably, its watch division is in Switzerland. Originally a producer of high-end pens, Montblanc now manufactures a variety of products from leather goods to jewellery, but it’s the watches that are currently the best performers. Montblanc has two separate watch outfits and a third, independent manufacture in Villeret. Its watches cater to both the top-end and the “accessible luxury” categories. Montblanc watches were a popular choice for celebrities at Cannes 2014, amongst its ambassadors were Quentin Tarantino and Antonio Banderas.

We have a large selection of pre-owned and second hand Montblanc watches for sale including the Star, Sport and Timewalker models.

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