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In 1868, in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen, an American engineer and watchmaker founded a brand called IWC with the motto, “American pioneering spirit meets Swiss tradition”. Its location in east Switzerland meant it was one of the only German-speaking representatives of the Swiss watchmaking giants. Since the day it was created, it sought to promote itself as an engineer’s watch brand that caters to the top end of the market, dedicated to developing innovative complications and in-house movements. From technically-advanced pilot watches in the 1930s to the Il Destriero Scafusia in 1993—the most complicated watch ever made at the time of its release—IWC has long been at the forefront of watch design. As well as being the marque of choice for a staggering number of international celebrities, IWC prides itself on its new carbon-neutral manufacture, created in 2007, and its dedication to conservation projects. 

Our selection of pre-owned IWC watches includes a wide range of popular and interesting models from past to present. At a fraction of the original retail cost, a second hand IWC is a great asset that will sit comfortably in any watch enthusiast's collection.

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