Celebrating the Women Behind Xupes on International Women's Day

At Xupes, we pride ourselves on embodying sophistication and style, with both a collection and experience that are curated by an exceptional team of women. In honour of International Women's Day, we aim to spotlight some of the dynamic and talented individuals who form the heart of our organisation. Additionally, we have invited the team to select their top picks from our current collection and share the reasons behind their choices. Let's dive into their stories and selections! 

Debra Willis, Director

At the helm of Xupes, Debra Willis stands as a beacon of expertise in the luxury market, steering the brand towards unparalleled success with her visionary leadership style. Her profound passion for curating exceptional pieces not only sets the tone for Xupes' unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality but also inspires the team to excel in their pursuit of excellence. Debra's strategic direction and innovative approach ensure that Xupes remains at the forefront of the luxury sector, continually exceeding client expectations. 

Cartier 4 Diamond 18ct White Gold Love BangleCartier 4 Diamond 18ct White Gold Love Bangle

DW: "My top pick from our current collection is this stunning bangle which I would love to add to my wrist stack. The 4-diamond version of the Cartier Love Bangle offers the best of all worlds in my opinion, as you maintain the iconic look of the Love collection with the screw detail with a dose of added glamour from the diamonds alternating between the screws. It would look great alongside my wedding jewellery and stacked with my other bracelets. One for the wish-list!"

Fiona Ward, Sales Manager

Fiona Ward, as Sales Manager, is the driving force behind the sales team at Xupes. Her in-depth understanding of the luxury consumer, combined with an unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding service, guarantees that each client's experience with Xupes is unparalleled. Fiona's strategic approach and commitment to excellence not only enhance client satisfaction but also foster a culture of success within her team. Her ability to anticipate client needs and her expertise in navigating the intricacies of the luxury market make her an invaluable asset to Xupes and a key contributor to the company's ongoing success. 

Cartier 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold And 18ct Rose Gold Medium Trinity RingCartier 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold And 18ct Rose Gold Medium Trinity Ring

FW: “I have recently started collecting jewellery pieces to commemorate important moments in my life, like the Tiffany & Platinum Co. Soleste Diamond Pendant that I wore for my wedding last year and the Cartier 18ct White Gold Love Ring, which I gifted to myself to celebrate 5 years of working at Xupes. The next piece on my wish list is a Cartier 18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold Medium Trinity Ring. I love that the three bands symbolise fidelity, friendship and love. As with so many Cartier pieces, the sentiment behind them makes it an even more special purchase.” 

Elizabeth Nordby-Graves, Sales Consultant 

Elizabeth Nordby-Graves is a cornerstone of our sales team, whose warmth and profound expertise forge an inviting and personalised experience for each of our clients. Her unwavering commitment to understanding the unique needs of everyone ensures that Xupes stands out not merely as a brand, but as a trusted partner in the world of luxury. Elizabeth's approach goes beyond transactions, fostering lasting relationships and building a loyal clientele who value the exceptional service and insight she provides. Her role is pivotal in enhancing the client journey, making luxury purchases not just acquisitions, but memorable experiences. 

ENG: “My top pick would undoubtably be the Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag. This piece pioneered hands-free convenience for women, marking a revolutionary departure from the impractical handbag. While this innovation is now taken for granted, it caused quite a scandal at the time, offering women newfound freedom. Beyond its practicality, owning and wearing a Chanel item, I feel embodies a rich history, philosophy, and sense of liberation established by Coco Chanel. She was a pioneer in reinventing women's fashion and defying societal norms.” 


Amy Mackay, Assistant Buyer 

Amy Mackay, in her pivotal role as Assistant Buyer, brings a discerning eye and a meticulous approach to the art of sourcing. Her dedication ensures that Xupes continues to offer an exquisitely curated collection of pre-loved treasures that not only captivate but also delight our clientele. Amy's expertise in identifying pieces of exceptional quality and unique appeal is fundamental to maintaining the brand's reputation for excellence. Her ability to uncover rare and sought-after items enables Xupes to stand out in the luxury market, offering clients unparalleled finds that embody both history and elegance. 

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Set 18ct White Gold Paloma Picasso Graffiti Love PendantTiffany & Co. Diamond Set 18ct White Gold Paloma Picasso Graffiti Love Pendant

AM: “Ever since we got this Tiffany necklace in our collection, I have been obsessed with it! It’s from Paloma Picasso’s graffiti collection, which is one of my favourites from Tiffany as I think the scriptures are just so elegant and cool.” 

Sophia Colkett, Marketing Manager 

Sophia Colkett, our Marketing Manager, is at the forefront of Xupes' creative and marketing initiatives. With her innovative strategies and creative vision, Sophia plays a critical role in bringing the essence of Xupes to life, captivating audiences with engaging content and compelling storytelling. Her ability to shape the brand's narrative not only enhances its visibility but also solidifies its position in the luxury market. Under Sophia's guidance, Xupes has carved out a unique identity that resonates with our clients and distinguishes our brand in a competitive landscape. Her work is instrumental in building lasting connections with our audience, ensuring that Xupes remains synonymous with elegance, quality, and unparalleled luxury. 

Hermès Etain Togo Leather Birkin 30cm RetourneHermès Etain Togo Leather Birkin 30cm Retourne

SC: “I had to choose this Hermès Birkin 30cm Retourne in Etain Togo Leather, it’s my dream to one day own a Birkin and I think this colourway is to die for! It is such a staple, timeless piece. It is also a great investment that will appreciate and look fabulous while doing so. Until that day comes, I will continue working for a Birkin!” 

Alice Martin-Smith, Photography & Content Creation Lead

Behind the lens, Alice Martin-Smith is the architect of visual narratives that significantly elevate the allure of Xupes. As the Photography & Content Creation Lead, her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail ensure that each piece in the collection is not merely seen but experienced. Through her lens, Alice tells captivating stories, inviting clients into a world where luxury and sophistication are palpable. Her ability to translate the essence of Xupes into visual form creates an immersive experience for the audience, fostering a deeper appreciation and desire for the curated treasures we offer. Alice's work is pivotal in showcasing the unique beauty and history of each item, making them not just objects of desire but also pieces of a larger, exciting story. 

Fendi Beige Wool & Cream Calfskin Leather Baguette Shoulder BagFendi Beige Wool & Cream Calfskin Leather Baguette Shoulder Bag

AMS: “Fendi is one my favourite brands that we stock here at Xupes. I’m a neutrals girl and I love this unique take on the classic Baguette bag. The beige monogram wool paired with cream calfskin leather is a dream. It’s the perfect day to night bag, and I'm obsessed!”

Emily Raymond, Junior Graphic Designer 

Adding a touch of creativity to every facet of our brand is Emily Raymond, our Junior Graphic Designer. With her artistic flair and keen design sensibilities, Emily plays a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of Xupes. Her contributions ensure that each interaction with the brand is not just visually appealing but truly exciting. Through her innovative designs and attention to detail, Emily enhances the aesthetic appeal of our digital and print materials, making them resonate with our audience. Her work is integral to creating a cohesive and compelling visual narrative that aligns with Xupes' values of luxury and quality, ensuring that every touchpoint with the brand is a memorable one. 

Jacquemus Black Smooth Calfskin Leather Le Bambino LongJacquemus Black Smooth Calfskin Leather Le Bambino Long

ER: “I love this Jacquemus Le Bambino Long, with its unique asymmetrical design. The sleek, minimalist style makes it a versatile accessory that complements a variety of outfits, from casual to formal. The elongated shape allows plenty of space for the essentials, providing both style and practicality. As an affordable luxury brand, Jacquemus’ designs are innovative and accessible without compromising on quality.”

Yulia Kjolsen - Accounts Assistant 

Within the operational heart of Xupes, Yulia Kjolsen plays a crucial role as the Accounts Assistant. Her meticulous attention to the intricacies of financial details is foundational to the seamless operation of the brand. Yulia's unwavering dedication and precision support the brand's ability to grow and succeed. Though her contributions are often behind the scenes, they are essential in managing resources efficiently and are indispensable to the brand's ongoing achievements and its future aspirations. 

YK: “The Christian Dior Jewellery Case in our collection Is very feminine with a strong message of self-confidence and independence, free spirit and passion for adventure! I love it.” 

This International Women's Day, Xupes is not just celebrating a brand, but the remarkable women who are the essence of its success. Their expertise, dedication, and creativity elevate the world of pre-loved luxury, leaving a lasting impact on the industry. As a proud majority female team, we honour the collective and individual achievements of the women of Xupes. Their influence extends beyond our doors, inspiring excellence and innovation in the realm of pre-loved luxury. Here's to the women of Xupes – may their achievements continue to inspire and propel the luxury market to greater heights.