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Glashütte: A German Powerhouse of Endurance and Innovation

Find out why the watches of Glashütte are a must-have for any lover of timeless German design.

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Luxury Jewellery Storing Tips: Dos and Don’ts

Watches - Buying Guides

The History of Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is much acclaimed amongst discerning watch fans. Join our expert and find out why the 185-year-old Manufacturer is still so highly regarded.

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Our handbag expert's five favourite sale items

Rose, one of our Xupes handbag experts, shares her favourite pre-loved handbags in the Xupes January sale.

Watches - Buying Guides

Why Buying A Pre-Owned Rolex Makes You a Savvy Watch Collector

Find out why watch collectors love Rolex watches. Our expert explores the iconic Rolex brand and why it is that collectors around the globe are so enamoured with the watches it creates.

Watches - Buying Guides

Choosing your first pre-owned Rolex

We take a look at some of the most popular pre-owned Rolex watch models in our guide for a first time watch buyer.

Watches - Buying Guides

Which Second Hand Cartier Watch Should I Buy?

What better way to mark a special holiday than with a Cartier watch. Find out which pre-owned Cartier watch should be on your wish list.

Jewellery - Buying Guides

Pre-Loved Vintage Jewellery Styling Ideas

To help emphasise the luxury heritage of our pre-loved jewellery collection, we gathered our favourite styling tips, inspired by classic fashion collections and modern street style.

Jewellery - Buying Guides

Vintage Engagement Ring Design with Taylor & Hart

For lovers of all things antique, a vintage-inspired engagement ring to match your personal style is a must.

Watches - Buying Guides

Introducing The Range of Rolex Bracelets

Our expert explores a significant part of a Rolex watch: the bracelet. From the iconic President, to the Jubilee, we take a closer look at the types of Rolex bracelets offered by the iconic brand.
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