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The Barn by Chrono24 - Joe McKenzie tells all

If you weren't already aware, we have recently announced that over the past 12 months, we have been working on an exciting partnership behind the scenes. If you have seen our new series of ‘Second-Hand for 50 Grand’  on Channel 4, you may have seen the unveiling of our new residence, ‘The Barn by Chrono24’ which we have recently relocated to. Our recent move is not the only thing that’s changing for the company though and the clue is in the name…

We are delighted to announce our partnership with online watch marketplace, Chrono24! Our exciting rebrand means Xupes Watches will now fully integrate with Chrono24 from January 2023.

We spoke to Co-founder and CEO of Xupes and now CEO of Chrono24 UK, Joe McKenzie to find out all about the integration and what this means for the future!

What does the Chrono24 integration mean for the future of Xupes?

The formal integration of our watches business into Chrono24 means all our inventory will be found exclusively on Chrono24 from January 2023. Our Handbags and Jewellery business will remain as Xupes with an exciting new website and rebrand coming in the new year. The integration means our clients will see our DNA engrained into the Chrono24 UK business with a larger (and growing) selection of watches to choose from with all of the assurances, quality standards and warranties we currently offer.

How will the client experience change?

Those who were lucky enough to visit our physical locations (The Wheat Barn, Hertfordshire & The Royal Exchange, London) will be used to our attention to detail and the unique experience we offer. This client experience is something we hope to continue to improve an develop so expect this to be even better!

The company has a new residence! How is the move to the new barn and the Chrono24 integration related?

The new barn unlocks our next phase of growth with so many exciting developments. The integration with Chrono24 and investment in our watches business has enabled the new barn, housing state of the art facilities including a bar, library, studios, authentication centre, and other USP’s which will help build more trust to the marketplace. We’re also excited to run more events and to create content to engage with and to develop our community of watch collectors and lovers.

Where can we find and interact with the company moving forward?

You can find us on Chrono24 and on Xupes, with the latter remaining running though the next few months until January 2023. Our watch social channels will now move to Chrono24 so please follow us there. The Handbags and Jewellery business website, and social channels will remain as they are today until a refreshed brand and website are launched in January.

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