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Why Invest in Chanel?

Why invest in Chanel?  

Chanel handbags are highly sought-after, iconic statement pieces. With demand always higher than supply and the brand continuing to control the market by boosting the prices of their most coveted offerings, they are yet to see a decrease in demand with customers still willing to pay the price for a timeless Chanel handbag. 

So, the question isn’t whether a Chanel handbag is a good investment but rather when is the best time to buy one? If you’re lucky enough to walk into store and get your hands on a new Classic Double Flap bag, then you will walk out confident you’ve hit the jackpot. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Stock is hard to come by and since the brands decision back in October 2021 to limit customer purchases to one bag per customer per year for each model, it’s become even more of a challenge! With the brand moving into a more exclusive market and controlling what customers can purchase and when, it is becoming more apparent that the illusive Chanel Classic Double Flap is most definitely a reliable investment.  

So, what impact does this have on the resale market? 

The first benefit to the consumer from purchasing through the pre-owned market is that the barriers are immediately banished. There is no limit on how much or how often you can purchase here at Xupes and the benefit to purchasing a vintage Chanel is the uncompromised quality in its craftsmanship, not to mention the 24-carat gold plated hardware! The benefits aren’t just for those looking to buy. If you have a Chanel collection and are looking to sell some of your pieces, now is the time to do it. If you have one of Chanel’s classic designs whether it be a Double Flap or a Le Boy bag you will find your purchase has appreciated in value and you will be selling your piece at a profit on the resale market.  

Let’s speak to the expert - An interview with Reece Morgan 


What makes the Chanel Classic Double Flap so investible? 

The Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag has become a part of fashion history and iconography. The fact the design hasn’t changed since 1955, is a testament to its timelessness in design, structure, and quality. Chanel has consistently increased prices on the most popular handbag styles like the Classic Double Flap Bag and demand has not decreased, making it a sturdy investment with an average increase of 16% year on year.  

What’s your view on Chanel opening private showrooms for VIP clients? Do you think the brand is moving towards a more exclusive business model in-line with luxury competitor Hermès? 

I think naturally most luxury brands will follow Hermès’ strategy, however the private showrooms for Chanel are a very important step; since recent climates and the pandemic, production and availability of their core stock lines are much lower, so scoring a bag is harder. With the introduction of private VIP showrooms for clients, it makes VIP experiences more apt for them as a brand and all this naturally puts a ripple in the resale market.  

If you could only have one Chanel handbag, which one would it be? 

Working with such beautiful handbags day in and day out leaves me spoilt for choice! As much as I stand by the Classic Double Flap Bag and I am an advocate for its design, I personally like to make a bit more of a statement, so I would go for a Maxi Jumbo XL Classic Single Flap Bag, I just love the 24k gold plated oversized hardware, bulky structure, and soft lambskin, it’s quintessentially Chanel. 

Where do you see the market heading? 

Recent studies show that Chanel classic handbags are the best option for inflation protection and these designs including the Classic Double Flap Bag, Gabrielle and Le Boy show an average increase of 16% year on year, and I don’t see this ending. For example, the Medium Classic Double Flap Bag has more than doubled in price as a result of the past 2 years of price increases.  

Chanel handbags are highly sought-after pieces with higher demand than supply and even with Chanel continually increase their prices, clients continue to pay.  

So, what you’re saying is Chanel is a proven safe investment? 

Investing in a Chanel handbag is safer than investing in the stock market as Chanel bags have only ever risen in value and never decreased regardless of the economy.  

Lastly, what’s your favourite collection?

My favourite of all time is the Fall 2014 Supermarket Collection, which in my opinion is some of Karl Lagerfeld’s finest work with the most imaginative attention to detail. I have tried to stock many items from the collection over the years, including the Graffiti Backpack, the Milk Carton Minaudiere and of course the Shopping Basket which we sold for £15,000 – the whole collection gives Supermarket Sweep with no bargains! 

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