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This week's watch drop - A Rolex round-up!

Rolex is one the most well recognised brands in the world, alongside Apple and Coca-Cola. And for good reason. “The Crown” has been at the top of its game since its inception in the 1920’s. Rock solid, tool watches designed for function with little deviation over the decades. This week’s lineup is all from Hans Wilsdorfs’ firm, encapsulating a wonderful array of modern and neo-vintage references, many collectable and all great looking.

If you love the Submariner  (let’s be honest - who doesn't?), but don’t want the full on Hulk green dial and bezel, and love a pop of colour on a bezel - this 2021 “Starbucks” would be a great fit. Few watches garnered as much attention on its launch. 

The Daytona was developed for racers of the hallowed Florida track. And if you’re a purist, you will no doubt appreciate the “racing dial” with touches of red on a grey backdrop and Arabic numerals. This ref. 116519 is easily mistaken for its steel brothers and sisters - but the real joy is in knowing (and feeling) that it is in fact, white gold. 

The Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 16710 is an interesting watch. Coming to market in 1989, it remained in production for close to twenty years. By all accounts it was a strong seller for Rolex. Which means today there are quite a few in circulation.

The Rolex ref. 118348 is an 18k yellow gold Day-Date with a diamond bezel. In fact, this gold President boasts 52 diamonds on the bezel. But it doesn’t stop there. The champagne dial on this particular version of the Day-Date is further embellished with the white precious gems. The eight round diamond hour markers (1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11) are joined by two baguette-cut ones at six and nine o’clock.

Also on the dial, are the pair of windows for which the model is named after. The day window at 12 o’clock displays the day of the week, while the one at 3 o’clock hosts the date. Of course, in true Rolex fashion, the date is magnified by the Cyclops lens on the sapphire crystal. It is unapologetic, and we love it! 

Deep in the psyche of every watch lover is the desire to own (rock) a solid gold watch. If you are going to do it (and we highly suggest you do), why stop halfway? This solid rose gold GMT is a distinctly modern take on the classic pilot's watch. The brown and black or “root beer” ceramic bezel is distinct and playful. This is a no brainer if you are that way inclined. 

In 2020, Rolex announced a brand new Submariner collection, complete with all the metal options rather than the traditional once-a-year drop of a new case material. Of course, included in this new lineup of Rolex dive watches was the two-tone Submariner ref. 126613, again available in blue and black.

The most obvious difference between the current-production two-tone Submariner versus the previous ones is the case size. The Submariner ref. 126613 has a 41mm case along with slightly thinner and more refined lugs. If you love the two-tone vibe - this is the full package. 

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