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Beat the price rises - Buy pre-loved

Cartier has been and continues to be the go-to jewellery brand for iconic pieces that never go out of style. The demand for classics such as the Love and Juste un Clou collections has never been so high, and we don’t suspect it will slow down anytime soon. Cartier’s CEO, Cyrille Vigneron, announced in May that the brand has raised its prices between 3 and 5 percent.

So, what does this mean for you? If you currently own Cartier jewellery, then you can rest assured the items will hold their value. And if you are looking to start a collection or purchase your first Cartier piece but don’t want to pay the new higher prices, then the pre-owned market is where you can find the perfect piece, without compromising on quality, whilst saving significantly on the RRP.  

What to look out for when buying pre-owned

When shopping on the pre-owned market, it’s important to know your seller. Only purchase with trusted sellers like Xupes who vet their items for provenance and authenticity. When purchasing jewellery from us here at Xupes, you can be confident in the fact that every piece is hand-curated for our collection and is checked by our in-house specialists to ensure authenticity. As a team, we have a wealth of experience within the industry. We ensure that every piece of jewellery that comes to us is transformed back to its best possible appearance before being added to our collection. The Xupes commitment to excellent customer servicing and our in-house expertise ensure you have an unforgettable experience when shopping with us. This experience continues after you receive your item, with our jewellery experts on hand to provide advice on caring for your purchase. 

Beat the price rises, buy pre-owned

With Cartier hiking their prices, it’s a no brainer to turn to the pre-owned market to purchase your desired item as opposed to buying new. Let’s take the classic gold or rose gold Cartier Love bangle as an example, new you can purchase one for £5,950 and the cost for a pre-owned bangle starts at £4,999, a saving of £951. We also have a finance partner allowing you to spread your payments monthly by purchasing through Splitit.

Selling your Cartier jewellery 

Here at Xupes, we are always looking to grow our collections, so if you have items of Cartier jewellery that you no longer wear or have fallen out of love with, then simply fill out our online form and receive a quote for your item within 2-5 working days.  

If you have any questions on the pre-owned market or Cartier, then our team would be delighted to assist you via Live Chat. 

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