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It’s all in the bag! The Queen’s secret handbag code

As we know, the Queen is never seen without her famous Launer handbag by her side, but did you know this bag is much more than a fashion statement? Next time you are watching the Queen entertain her guests at an event, keep an eye on her bag. It is said that the handbag is used as a secret code to signal that she is ready to end her current conversation and move onto the next. A subtle, gracious code that you most definitely don’t want to be on the receiving side of! As well as this, if the Queen places her handbag on a table, this signifies that the Queen is ready to leave an event in the next five minutes. So, if we didn’t already think handbags are one of the most fabulous accessories to carry, they can also be used to send secret signals!  

Do the rest of the royals have secret hand signals? 

As far as we know, the rest of the royals don’t use coded handbag signals the way the Queen does. But it has been said that Kate Middleton holds her bag in front of her with both hands, to avoid awkward or unwanted handshakes with guests or fans.  

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