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Xupes Team Top Picks: Accessories Edition

We are extremely excited about the recent launch of our Accessories department here at Xupes, now offering luxury belts, wallets, scarves, and other accessories from brands including Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton. We have caught up with members of our Handbags and Jewellery team who share their favourite pieces from the new collection. Enjoy!

Alice Martin-Smith, Senior Photographer

Launching our Accessories Department has been such an exciting project to work on with the team. I’ve had the privilege of photographing the full collection and have so many favourites! But my top picks would have to be the Vintage Chanel Gold Medallion Coin Belt and the Christian Dior Logo Earrings. They’re statement pieces and beautiful finishing touches, taking your outfit from day to night.

Sophia Colkett, Marketing Manager  

I am so excited we are finally able to announce the launch of the Accessories department here at Xupes and if it wasn’t exciting enough to see the fabulous handbags and jewellery pieces each day, we now have accessories to drool over too! So, what’s my favourite from the collection? (How do I just pick one!) for me it has to be the Hermès charms and twilly’s, they are just so charming! Instantly giving your handbag a facelift and a chance to express your individual style and personality.

Eden Molen, Assistant Buyer

I have been counting down the days for the Accessories launch… wow the wait was worth it! Collecting and collating this department has been so exciting and seeing it all come together has been incredible. My favourite item would have to be the vintage Chanel belt from the SS94 runway show. Belts are a huge trend for Spring/Summer, so what a great accessory to have in your wardrobe. The chain belts can also double up as a chunky necklace for that extra impactful outfit!   

Elizabeth Nordby-Graves, Junior Bags, Jewellery & Accessories Consultant

I am elated by the new launch of the Accessories department. It was the missing piece! I am sure many clients are just as excited and in awe of the pieces we have available, just as much as I am. I would have it all if I could, however my true favourites would have to be the gorgeous silk scarves! Whether it be worn as a scarf around the neck, tied in my hair in a bow or looped around my waist to be a belt, they are the perfect accessory to complete and elevate an outfit.

Charlotte MacDonald, Bags, Jewellery & Accessories Consultant 

What a great launch! I always knew accessories would be a success, but it really was an amazing start to the department. I’m so excited to be able to offer this collection to my existing and new clients. I’m finding the bag charms and wallets are selling super quickly, but for me…it’s the agenda covers and organisers. I’ve always loved diaries, to do lists and notebooks so what better way to keep your life organised than inside a designer leather agenda! We have a stunning Louis Vuitton cover in electric blue or a Hermès one in the iconic orange. And I happen to know…there is more to come!

Fiona Ward, Sales Manager

My clients requests have finally been answered, we now have the accessories you need to complement your bag or piece of jewellery! For me, a Hermès Twilly is a staple wardrobe styling piece as it can be used so many ways. To protect and enhance the handles of your Birkin or Kelly or framing your necklace or earrings when worn around the neck, they add a pop of colour to any outfit for a stylish finish. Also, you have to love the Vintage Chanel belts that would look amazing with everyone’s favourite, the Chanel Double Flap bag.

Keisha Haye, Assistant Buyer  

Our Accessories department is finally here, and it was worth the wait. With so many amazing pieces it is hard to pick one however a standout piece for me would have to be the Chanel Coin Chain Belt. I adore vintage Chanel and this belt is the definition of why. It has a classic, yet distinct style and is the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. 

Emily Raymond, Creative Intern

There are so many amazing products in the new Accessories department, however, my personal favourite has to be the Hermès Twillys. They are such a versatile piece! While they are a lovely way to accessorise your bag, they can also be worn in your hair as a headband or tied around a ponytail. This is absolutely how I would choose to wear it, as a lover of headbands, it is just the right size and adds that little extra something to complete your look! 

Reece Morgan, Director

We have entertained the possibility of launching an Accessories department throughout the years and there is a hunger for it from our client base! Now feels like the perfect time to be launching, proven by a super successful launch which the team and I are excited about. I personally love all the Louis Vuitton classic monogram accessories, these are items I collect personally and get such wonderful use out of, whether it be a laptop case, cosmetic pouch, card holder or even a keyholder – they are all the items you need to stay stylish on a day-to-day basis.

Debra Willis, Director

I have been so excited about launching our new collection as accessories can really complete a look and complement our bags and jewellery so beautifully. It’s so hard to pick favourites but I do love our beautiful Chanel scarves, there is something so luxurious about 100% silk and they are a great way to upgrade and add some colour to a plain outfit. I also love the range of colour we have in wallets; I tend to keep my bags neutral but love to make a statement with a colourful accessory!


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