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Rolex Daytona 116588TBR ‘Eye of the Tiger’

I’m humming it in my head – and I know you are too. Like all classics – there’s nothing better than a twist! And that is exactly what we have for you here today.

We all know and love Rolex for its stability – its consistency, its dependability. But once every so often, it drops a reference that speaks to the psyche of a small group. A group of creators, first movers – those willing to be stand out from the crowd and put themselves out there (remember the Rainbow Daytona?). Well, in 2019, at Baselworld, this wild (quite literally) diamond-set Cosmograph Daytona (ref.116588TBR) tore the house down. Without a shadow of a doubt the most unexpected release of the show, and certainly a love or hate moment for many. The black-lacquered dial has an applied 18k yellow-gold and diamond-set, wavy dial - instantly makes you think of our fury feline friends from the Savanah. This 40mm Daytona is made of 18-carat yellow gold, based on the gold Daytona with reference 116518. Instead of a leather strap, it comes on a Rolex Oysterflex strap for comfort and wearability. Immediately after its launch, the Rolex collecting community coined the new watch “Eye of the Tiger.” Turning the watch over – a solid gold case back and beautiful gold marking on the inside of the lugs. The watch runs on the self-winding, Rolex in-house movement calibre 4130. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona has been using the same movement for more than a decade (in classic Rolex style obviously) - a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. The caliber is designed and built in such a way that it demands fewer components than a standard chronograph movement. Fewer components mean less moving parts, less friction, and therefore improving the movement’s reliability. Bottom line – it’s rock solid.

Let’s not forget that Rolex started making chronographs in the 1930s. Only later in 1963 named a product line: the Cosmograph. In some early advertisements, Rolex referred to the watch as the ‘Le Mans’ after the famous race track in France, although the name never appeared on the dial. After a few years, the line was officially renamed Cosmograph Daytona, after the racetrack in Florida.

Let’s face it, this “Eye of the tiger” it not a watch for the faint hearted – it may not even be a watch for the everyday. But the truth is, this watch will do everything great watches should – bring a smile to the face when you strap it on – and say something about. That – this Tigers Eye Daytona does in abundance. It is online now.