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Your Handbag authentication questions answered...

We have been redefining the pre-owned handbag market for over 5 years. Having started life focusing on watches, we soon fell in love with pre-owned handbags, let us tell you a few reasons why! 

One of the key reasons to choose pre-owned is ACCESSIBILITY. Many items that come into stock at Xupes are either SOLD OUT or discontinued by the original brand – making Xupes the only place to pick up your dream bag. 

With pre-owned, there is also MORE CHOICE. Shop handbags of all ages for something more classic and vintage. Whether it’s something from a special year or that evokes a special memory, pre-owned opens up a wide range of designs, sizes, and colours that simply are not available new. 

We pride ourselves on being Certified Pre-owned, meaning all our items go through vigorous authenticity tests (including smelling the item) to ensure all our items are the real thing. 

So, how do we authenticate? Here's our 5 step Handbag Authentication Process. 

1. Full Examination

We fully examine the interior and exterior materials used including all leathers, fabrics and hardware. 

2. Craftsmanship Inspection 

We closely inspect the overall general craftsmanship including the stitching, lining and shape.

3. Branding Verification 

We closely verify all the branding, stickers, tags, stamps and logos featured throughout the item.

4. Provenance Investigation 

We investigate the provenance of each item including all accompaniments, certifications, serial stamps and stickers. 

5. Odour Check

We even use our sense of smell, by assessing the items odour as part of our authenticity check!

We have also recently introduced Entrupy into our authentication process. Entrupy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to authenticate selected luxury branded handbags and accessories. The system gives Xupes the ability to submit microscopic images of logos, leathers, hardware and materials via the Entrupy device and app where the algorithms will score the item as either authentic or unverified based on images submitted. 

Our mission as a company is and has always been to have 100% confidence in the items we sell, which is why we take such care and consideration when sourcing, listing and selling our items. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our Handbags team regarding our authentication process then please do give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. 

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