Xupes - Feature Article

Changing your perspective on pre-owned.

Unsure about buying second-hand?

 We’re on a mission to change people’s perspective on pre-owned. Here’s why we think buying second hand shouldn’t mean second best.

More Accessible

Choosing pre-owned over new is kinder to your wallet, with our customers making savings of up to 70% off the registered retail price. What’s more, we offer great financing options to help spread the cost even further, meaning that luxury item you’ve always wanted might be closer than you thought.

Better for Environment

Did you know that the average person throws away 30kg of clothing per year? By shopping pre-owned and investing in high-quality products, you’ll have a beautiful item that lasts, whilst reducing your impact on the environment. With Xupes, you can trade in your unwanted items too and use them as credit towards something new.

Items with a past. You write their future.

One of the best things about pre-owned luxury items are the stories they hold. We love to picture the adventures a trusty Rolex may have gone on, or how many cities a Chanel handbag may have been taken too. Every item we sell has a past and we’re proud to pass it onto the next person to continue its story.

More Choice

Not a fan of the newest designs from your favourite brand? Or perhaps you want something made the year you were born? Going pre-owned opens up a wide range of designs, sizes and colours that simply aren’t available when buying new. At Xupes we’ve got plenty of vintage and discontinued items in stock and if it’s not on the website, our team can find you one from our trusted suppliers.

The Personal Touch

We were founded on the principle of creating a comfortable and welcoming space for shopping luxury items through a friendly and down-to-earth service. Our team take the time to get to know you and discuss your options, helping you choose the perfect item for your needs. Available online and in-store we’re to help.

Value for money

Compared to buying brand-new, buying a used luxury item means you typically spend less than the original price and with Xupes buying pre-owned means there is no sacrifice on quality.

Investment Potential

Lots of the brands and models sold by Xupes will increase in value over time. Buying pre-owned is an investment for now and the future.

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