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The Wedding Watch Guide

It’s wedding season. And the effective loss of 2020 has seen this 2021 summer period really heat up with hotel and venue bookings almost sold out across the board. It is for that reason we here at Xupes felt it was important to share some key points to the ultimate dress watch for the big day. Now this is not only limited to the grooms out there, but also the attendees. Nothing brings a great wedding combo together like a well tied tie (dear lord make it a tight, small knot!), polished shoes and of course a great watch! Now there are some key factors when it comes to the watch, particularly if it is black tie:

  • Modest sizing – anything between 33mm and 40mm is spot on.
  • Time only. This would ideally not include running seconds or sub seconds.
  • Ultra-thin – a great dress watch should whisper not shout, and there is nothing more elegant than an ultra-thin!
  • Hand wound – the cherry on the cake is being hand wound, a means to connect you with the watch (you are also likely to find, that ultra-thin it will also be hand wound)

Now I totally recognise this are a wish list – you can always push and pull here and there; it isn’t a hard and fast rule book. The key message is let the bride take the limelight – your watch shouldn’t overshadow her beauty and grace on the big day. Here are three options in stock at various price points you should consider:

For under 3k

Few know, but Longines in the 40’s and 50’s was very much at the pinnacle of haute horology, alongside the likes of Patek and Vacheron. When it was brought by Swatch, it was re categorised, effectively de valued to a different price category – making these types of reference super interesting (that salmon dial is also something else).

Under 10k

Just look at that case – sumptuous! beautifully crafted, tv shaped forms are on the up, and they really are incredibly elegant – especially those from Cartier – you can’t go wrong.

Under 20k

If you want to go all out – you really have to go for a Calatrava – the epitome of a dress watch – no distractions while offering those touches of distinctive Patek from under the cuff. A great wedding watch and even better investment.

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