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The End of An Era: God Speed 5711

Having sold 5711’s for many years, we here at Xupes have had a centre seat to spectate upon the rise of this horological icon. While waitlists have escalated to, some say over 10 years, Patek has finally announced that the steel, blue dial, integrated bracelet, steel sports chic 5711 will no longer be seem in the catalogues.

Now, the 5711 was first introduced in 2006, it was a real looker – and the first Nautilus to sport the now signature blue dial. It was an overnight success. While its good looks and versatility played a role, it was also the beneficiary of Patek’s world class story telling capability. As the story goes, Jasmina Steele, the Patek Philippe Communications Director back in 2006, joined the company in January of 1996, and one of her first projects was to find a new advertising agency.  After a few trips to Geneva, Leagas Delaney became Patek Philippe’s advertising agency. Ands its first work was the “Generations” advertisements campaigns. In 1996 they launched and a year later we first saw the "You never truly own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation". Now if that doesn’t sell watches – I don’t know what does!

Mary Ellen Mark's original photograph below was turned into a 1998 Generations advertisement.  And later, Peter Lindbergh, begun producing the classic images. Interestingly the 5711 never featured. I guess it was the reserve of the harder to sell products, the more complicated and shinier possibly.

So who’s been spotted wearing a 5711? Well, to name a few: Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres and Odell Beckham Jr...who wore it best? Let us know below! …Prices have always tracked well above retail, going from circa £50,000 more recently to over £100k this week. While we don’t know where it will level off, we do know this is a classic that will only grow in stature over the next decades.

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