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Christmas Watch Buying Guide

Welcome to the Xupes 2020 Christmas buying guide for watches. As we all know this year has been a bizarre one and the last thing any of us need is to be stuck for ideas at this, the most wonderful time of the year. This guide will help show you a few options for those awkward watch fans, making the process of purchasing a timepiece simple and enjoyable.

First up, we have the person who has everything. We all know someone like this, if the watch is in style, they have it, if it is a collector’s item, its purchased. Here at Xupes we have a fine selection of hard to find watches which will appease even the most ardent collectors. Let’s start with a rarity; the Rolex Daytona 16528. Yes, this is a solid Gold Daytona, so interesting to start with, but look closer. It has the highly sought after inverted 6/9 in the sub dial, the floating ‘Cosmograph’ on the dial, the upgraded Zenith movement and to top is off the rare 200 units per hour rating on the bezel. It’s the nuances like this that appeal to even the most successful collectors. This Particular model is available on our website under the code W6544. A rarity can also be considered an oddity, and for that we have the Tudor Black Bay of Qatar. This watch is one of the limited edition of 75 pieces and has Arabic for the ‘State of Qatar’ on the dial and, apparently, was commissioned by an authority from the Qatari government. Either way you are unlikely to pass anyone else in the street wearing one and is available directly from us under the code COM2271. The final suggestion for the person who has everything is that of a watch of low production numbers, something from the German watch house A. Lange & Sohne. The Richard Lange 232.026 was produced to continue the brands history of scientific observation watches and combines the ultimate legibility as well as extreme precision alongside a beautifully crafted case and movement. This Lange is currently available on our website under the reference CH-V23446.

The next person on our Christmas list is the person that knows everything; the history aficionado. You have a question; they answer it. You want to know why a watch is significant; they know it and so forth. So lets start with one of the big ones; the Zenith El Primero. El Primero meaning ‘The First’ in Spanish, was the movement used by Rolex in the Daytona reference 16500 until 2000. Moreover it was the first high-frequency, fully integrated automatic chronograph movement created. The Zenith El Primero is a huge contributor to horological history. We have an El Primero Big Date available on our website under the reference COM002418. Next up we have the watch that accompanied man on his journey to the moon, yep the much-adored Omega Speedmaster. Now, whilst there have been many variations of this chronograph, after 1965 they all share the same story. It was put forward to NASA and after many rounds of scrupulous testing it was the watch that beat off the competitors to be worn on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon in July 1969. Currently we have a great selection of Speedmaster missions, alongside vintage Speedys and more contemporary pieces, all available at

Gerald Genta is a name that resonates with watch fans for reasons linked to design and creativity. You see he was influential in some of the most historical watch designs of all time, one of them being the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. As legend has it, the design was done by Genta in one evening, after seeing a divers helmet being attached to his suit by 8 screws. This idea was presented to AP in 1970 and has been an ever present feature on their watches since, over 50 years of sustained coverage from one design is pretty significant. We have a great selection of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches from the late 70’s up to unworn models currently available.

Now we have covered the history aficionado lets talk more modern. Well almost more modern, this first offering is half modern watchmaking and half contemporary solutions to watchmaking. I’m talking about the HYT H1. This watch has a liquid powered way of showing the time; two pistons or bellows move two different liquids around the outside of the bezel to indicate the hours, whilst there is a more traditional dial for the minute indications. Flip it over and you notice an intricately finished movement with two pistons accompanying it. It really is something to admire. This watch is available in seven variations on our website, with different case materials and dial finishes.

The word Submariner is synonymous with watchmaking due to the worldwide popularity of the Rolex Submariner. What if you wanted a sub but you wanted it to be more contemporary? That is where a company called Hercules has come in. Hercules take the traditional offerings from Rolex and customise them through the form of DLC coating and hand engraving to make a truly distinctive and contemporary watch. At Xupes we have a collection of watches from Submariners to Explorer 1s  that have been given the Hercules treatment.

Watches aren’t the only thing that can have a contemporary edge; the Atmos clock from Jaeger-LeCoultre is contemporary in its design but tradition in its workings. The clock works from the size change in a gas filled capsule, that activates a small chain, in turn winding the clock. Now If that wasn’t impressive enough, the variation of temperature of one degree Celsius is enough to power the clock for two days. This amazing piece of technology and craftmanship is available on our website under the code W6352.

The more distinguished wearer of watches will look for something matching their personality. More classic in looks and even possibly in the way the watch works, these following suggestions are for that person. Martin Luther King, Roger Federer, Jennifer Anniston and Daniel Craig, what do they all have in common apart from being seen as timeless icons of their respective eras? All of them at one stage wore a Rolex Datejust. This watch has been a mainstay for the biggest watch brand in the world since its inception in 1945. Timeless lines, and available in a myriad of dial sizes this watch will be gratefully received by any distinguished wearer. Currently we have a 91 Rolex Datejusts in stock at Xupes varying in dial sizes, dial colours and finishes.

 As our next suggestion we have the absolute dress watch; the Patek Philippe Calatrava. This watch is crafted with influences from Bauhaus Design and because of this is utterly timeless in its presentation. The elegant Calatrava has stayed relatively consistent with its round case, integrated lugs, simple dials and sword or leaf hands has allowed its timeless persona to be recognised. Remember ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.’ We have a beautiful example on our website in Rose gold on a leather strap under the code COM002591. The last watch suggested for this specific buyer is an offering from IWC from circa 1961. Complete with original IWC box, with a case made from 18ct yellow gold, a champagne dial and a black strap. There is no more classic option for the fan of a classic watch. This watch can be viewed under the reference COM2124 on our website.

All of these watches are available to purchase through the website at time of writing. We are able to provide alternatives for all mentioned above.   

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