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Watch of the week: Rolex Oysterflex Daytona

It’s fair to say that this week’s Watch of the Week - the pre-owned Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Yellow Gold - is something of a divisive timepiece among lovers of luxury watches. Indeed, those who love the sideways approach taken by Rolex, which this timepiece represents by the spadeful, are going to be delighted by its quirks, paired as ever with that timeless Rolex sophistication. While there will be those who are yet to be convinced by some of the more unusual aspects of this watch, and possibly those who never will be, there’s little doubt that this model really does have what it takes to win over new fans and convert plenty of sceptics, too.

Whether your first impression of this reimagining of the classic Daytona involves instant enthusiasm or a little hesitation, it would be impossible to claim that this item is anything but striking; there’s something utterly dynamic, seductively contemporary, and peerlessly iconic about its bold dial, its sleek finish, and its masterful use of precious metals and contrasting colours. The fact that this timepiece features the somewhat controversial Rolex Oysterflex bracelet is, frankly, going to split opinion firmly down the middle… but we’ll get to that later, and - who knows? - once we look into what the Oysterflex actually involves, how the design works, and how it feels, maybe some of you sceptical luxury timepiece fans might even be willing to give this boisterously updated Daytona design a second look. After all, if any brand knows what they’re doing when it comes to staying ahead of the curve, taking calculated risks, and ensuring quality and precision remains paramount, it’s surely Rolex.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Daytona Oysterflex model, now available in stunning pre-owned condition on Xupes. Make no mistake; we believe this one is set for future classic status, and no Rolex collection in the forward-thinking 2020’s should be without it!

Updating a Legendary Timepiece

The Rolex Daytona series needs little introduction. For over half a century, this iconic timepiece has been one of the flagship models of the world’s greatest horology house, and has become synonymous with dynamic luxury, fast-paced glamour, and the kind of sports-driven, masculine sophistication that Rolex does better than any of their peers. To think of the Daytona is to conjure images of timeless cultural icons such as Paul Newman, and contemporary fans of this model ranging from Jay Z to Adam Levine, and even fashion mavens such as Victoria Beckham, who wears an everose gold model. Our striking and eye-catching Daytona Oysterflex timepiece is but one of the latest in a long line of updates and reimaginings of the instantly recognisable original… which begs the question: why would Rolex veer away from such an iconic and popular design, and what sets this particular timepiece apart from the rest?

Well, the former question could be answered with a resounding ‘why not?’ - Rolex aren’t known for dramatic reinventions of their original designs, meaning that when new components (such as the Oysterflex bracelet), new design features, and new materials are introduced, there’s always a very good reason for them doing so. To adapt to the times, to dynamise designs, and to lead and set trends rather than following them is the hallmark of the iconic brand. This Rolex Daytona Cosmograph, with its black ceramic dial and yellow gold detail, is perhaps the quintessential example of this approach.

Introducing the Oysterflex Bracelet

Make no mistake: the Oysterflex Bracelet undoubtedly raised a few eyebrows upon its release a couple of years back. After all, Rolex bracelets, with their spectacular use of precious metals and innovative clasps, have always been a calling card of this brand’s insistence on excellence in every aspect of watch design. To even consider introducing a rubber strap to a luxury watch (which they initially did back in 2015, with the Everose Yacht-Master series) was a significant risk, yet one which an ever-increasing number of timepiece collectors are considering to be one well worth taking.

If you’re among the diminishing group of people still put off by the idea of a rubber bracelet on a contemporary Rolex model, the chances are, you haven’t yet realised what the Oysterflex is, or what it really consists of. Rolex being Rolex, it’s actually far from a simple rubber strap. The Oysterflex is made from a super elastic metal blade, which has been moulded over with an impressively durable and breathable elastomer, coupled with a beautiful Oysterlock safety clasp featuring an Easylink mechanism. The idea? To not only create a bracelet (and Rolex insists this is a bracelet, and not a strap) that has all the reliability of their precious metal models, paired with the comfort that their custom elastomer provides. 

The result, especially on the Daytona which features special end links, which remove any unsightly gaps, is highly impressive. It lends an added dimension of sportiness and rugged masculinity to this timepiece; aspects which the Daytona series was always intended to embody. Furthermore, the coolness and flexibility of the Oysterflex makes this luxury timepiece far more versatile than ever before, allowing it to be worn with a number of outfits, and in a wide array of different settings. We’d add to this list, also, the fact that on this particular model, the matte black bracelet really highlights the elegance and sophistication of the timepiece, allowing those contrasting colours and materials to stand out in stunning fashion.

A Mastery of Balance and Modernity

Besides the Oysterflex bracelet, the most noticeable and eye-catching aspect of this Rolex Daytona model is, without question, that beautifully finished Cerachrom bezel. Introduced in 2016, this thoroughly contemporary approach to new materials was wholeheartedly embraced by luxury watch enthusiasts, as unlike the stainless steel bezels of yesteryear, the Cerachrom finish provides an ultra-hard foundation which is highly scratch resistant. Furthermore, it offers a stunningly modern-looking backdrop for the yellow gold detailing, which will remain in pristine condition for a lifetime and beyond.

When coupled with the smooth and flawless texture of the Oysterflex, as well as the engraved tachymeter markings (picked out in yet more precious metals), and the gorgeous extra complications on the dial, few could deny that the overall look of this Daytona really demonstrates a mastery of modern timepiece design.

Classic Specifications with a Contemporary Flourish

When considering the inner workings of the Daytona Oysterflex, there are relatively few surprises for those who already know and love the finer details of this particular Rolex series. That’s no bad thing, by any means, as the Daytona quite rightly takes its place near the top of most timepiece fans lists of all-time great iconic watches. Within, you’ll find the legendary Calibre 4130 movement (an in-house classic that offers a column wheel with a vertical clutch, and a 72 hour power reserve), as well as the groundbreaking Parachrom hairspring, which brings together a unique blend of alloys that protects from both shock and magnetic interference. To top it all off, this Daytona is certified by Rolex under their Superlative Chronometer classification, meaning it will run between -2/+2 seconds per day. What more could you possibly ask for?

Here at Xupes, we’re committed to providing the utmost in luxury and sophistication, for those seeking pre-loved items that really go above and beyond. This timepiece is sure to delight even the most demanding of timepiece collectors or fine horology enthusiasts, and offers a glimpse into what the future of Rolex will undoubtedly hold. Thanks to our new Available to Order section, customers seeking that special something now have the chance to pre-order models not currently in stock…meaning it’s never been easier to gain access to pre-loved timepieces that truly stand out from the crowd.

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