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Hermes Colour Guide: Into the Blue

‘That sweater is not just blue, it’s not turquoise, it’s not lapis, it’s actually cerulean.” So quips Streep’s steely-spined Miranda Priestley in a withering riposte to Anne Hathaway’s bewildered Andi Sach’s, confounded by the debate over a variety of identical blue accessories for a shoot. It perfectly conveys the power and influence of colour in fashion, and how fashion houses hold tremendous sway over the industry as a whole. Few luxury brands come more steeped in esteem, legacy and heritage than Hermes. What Hermes does, less lauded brands follow. After all, Streep continues, ‘that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs.” Quite.

Continuing Xupes’ series on Hermes colour we explore the rich depth, serene beauty and heavenly hue of blue. Colour is relevant not only as a factor of sartorial flair, but as humans we are hardwired to respond to colours the same way we do music, scent or taste. Going further, colour is hugely symbolic—carefully considered by countries, politicians and not least our own Royal family as a collective rallying symbol of national pride used to evoke a mood, pay respect or simply make a statement without words. So provocative are colours and their impact on the human psyche that colour therapy is recognised as an alternative method of reducing stress, anxiety, depression and harnessed to promote both physical and mental healing and well-being.

In worldwide surveys, blue is often revealed as our most popular favourite colour, even in the East, where red and yellow are considered auspicious and lucky. The calming, cool complement to red’s fiery temper-- blue, in its myriad tones, represents sincerity, purity, and calm. ‘Blue ribbon’ denotes victory, first-class, achievements of the highest honour, whilst in heraldry blue represents religious piety, honour and sincerity. If we examine the colour spectrum, blue is a cool colour, particularly potent in promoting peace and relaxation, whilst also symbolising trust, grace and compassion.

As fashion is testament, blue continues to prove a perennial favourite with infinite shades to suit all seasons. Many blues such as classic navy and royal blue nod to style and sophistication whilst offering a year-round and versatile alternative to black. Indigo, azure, turquoise and electric blue are fun, mood-lifting tones to hark warmer days. To mark the new decade, Pantone has recognised ‘classic blue’ as its colour of the year on account of its universally flattering appeal and thus timeless eco-credentials. Classic blue has and should continue to stand the test of time, bucking trends and fickle fads of fast-fashion to endure as a firm fashion mainstay.

A quick browse through the Hermes colour palette highlights a passion and devotion to the colour with a spectacular kaleidoscope of blues from the moody, understated Thalasse and regal Blue Roi to the bright, eye-catching Hydra. In our Hermes buying guide, alongside premium quality leather and exquisite variety of exotic skins are Hermes’ signature colours, some of which are produced exclusively for and by the iconic luxury house. Indeed, the depth and richness of Hermes’ colours is one of the brand’s hallmarks of quality and craftsmanship.

We also love the Hermès Bleu De Prusse & Bleu Electric Togo Leather Endless Road Zip Tablet Pochette. The design is inspired by an endless road winding through a California landscape. The patchwork blends different tones of blues into strips to create the dreamy landscape.

Hermes zip tablet pochette

Whilst in the grip of winter, we long for sultry climes. Get Riviera-ready with Xupes' Clemence Leather and Denim Birkin 30cm the perfect arm candy for a spot of shopping in St.Tropez or other uber-chic retreat dotted along the Cote d’Azur.

Hermes blue jean clemence leather and denim birkin

Looking for a pop of colour but fear the commitment? Xupes’ Constance wallet in Blue Hydra is a perfect treat and remarkably chic against a neutral palette.

Hermes constance compact wallet

Seeking an elegant investment piece? Look no further than the Constance wallet in Blue Nuit  Alligator, a piece so achingly chic, classy and sophisticated its enduring appeal commands the spotlight. You won’t want to hide this in your handbag. 

Hermes blue nuit matte alligator leather constance long wallet

Whatever your taste, there is a blue to suit everyone. Shop these and other pre-loved Hermes items here.