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Why be blue? Blue faced watches...

Why be blue?

Lie on your back and stare into a vast blue sky, or out into a deep blue ocean and things feel…a little calmer, don’t they? See, that’s the thing, the colour blue is thought to slow down our metabolism, (it says here in this wellness book) and this is what produces that calming effect. 

We humans love blue in all its hues, so much so that we keep inventing new ones. Fun fact: in 2009, a new shade of blue was accidentally created at Oregon State University. They even catchily named it ‘YInMn blue’, after its chemical makeup of yttrium, indium, and manganese. 

So it shouldn’t surprise that when it comes to watch dials, blue has steadily become one of the most popular colours. It was back in 2015 that blue dials first really filled the watch shows and it’s been interesting to see that what was once seen as a little quirky has now become a staple in every brand’s collection. 

Blue somehow manages to stand out without being over the top. On a dial it runs the gamut from outright dressy to out-of-office. Whether it be paired with a suit, or pair of jeans, socks or slip-ons, blue dialled watches work for every occasion. With that in mind, here are a few of the best pre-owned watches in blue for you to consider.

Ice blue

Imagine dappled golden sunlight dancing on the surface of a deep blue ocean and you’ll see the same thing in this stunning pre-owned Panthere Cougar.  Blue-dialled Cartier watches are comparatively rare. This one is framed in a wonderful 18k gold case with integrated bracelet and features diamond indices. 

Blue sky thinking

The sun is also reflected in the dial of this infinitely wearable 36mm Rolex Datejust. A subtle radial finish creates areas of lighter blue and darker navy when it reflects the light. A blue dial doesn’t limit you in quite the same way a black dial would, and this version of a Rolex classic model will subtly set you apart in any situation. 

Blue chip

A good strong blue will add a pop of colour on your wrist and show an incredible amount of depth when the light hits it. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, with its trademark tapisserie dial, takes full advantage. Perfect for the poolside, the Genta-designed Royal Oak is really hot right now and prices haven’t gone completely crazy in the pre-owned market...yet.   

Deep blue

There’s little doubt about which environment Tudor’s Submariner is built for, but it’s a brilliant watch to wear both above and below the surface of the waves. Tudor’s dive watches have a long association with blue dials and this watch brings it bang up to date. 

Cool blue

Mont Blanc have been quietly making a name for themselves in the last few years and this example has a lot more to recommend it than just its attractive blue dial. The single button chronograph is fast becoming the complication du jour, combining chrono coolness without all the buttons to clutter things up. 

Royal blue

A great looking gold watch will always be just as dress-appropriate in blue as a black or silver-white dial will be. No one makes a more recognisable ‘formal’ watch than Rolex, and there’s none better than the Day-Date, here in 40mm of bright white gold. When you know, you know...this is a watch that’ll rise to any occasion, and win. 

Bolt from the blue

A jolt of blue on the wrist is a great way to express your individuality without straining the limits of good taste. So why not go all the way to the height of good taste with a Patek Phillipe that stunningly showcases lapis-lazuli, a semi-precious stone that’s been coveted since antiquity. 

Blues of every hue

You can search for blue dials among the extensive range of top name pre-owned watches here at Xupes.