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The Sustainability Edit in collaboration with Emma Hill

Here at Xupes, pre-owned is at the heart of what we do. The aim of our recent collaboration with Emma Hill and our new collection ‘The Sustainability Edit’ is to educate and inspire people to live a more eco-friendly way of life. Choosing to shop pre-owned vs new can contribute to living a more sustainable lifestyle. 


Following on from the first part of our sustainable series, it is apparent that circular fashion has become more prominent in the world of fashion with the support of many designers, high street brands, celebrities and influencers. A short definition would be: responsibly circulating clothing and accessories to promote a more economical way of living.

With so much emphasis on waste, a product’s lifecycle and its direct impact on the environment is being taken into consideration at the point of purchase more than ever by consumers. Products should be made with adequate care and attention to quality by the manufacturer so that they not only fulfil their initial purpose, but with care from the user, can then be recycled amongst multiple users time and time again. This is the beauty when buying vintage or pre-owned as every item has lead a life, or several before it has reached us. Every one of our products have their own individual story. Investing in quality design and craftsmanship is a sustainable way to purchase luxury fashion – if cared for in the correct way, a preloved designer handbag can last a lifetime. 

2019 has been thought-provoking, marking a turning point for the awareness of sustainability and the importance of individuals taking responsibility. Fashion houses have had to open their eyes to the effects of fast fashion. Global textile production emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases annually and on average an individual in the UK produces up to 70 kilograms of fabric waste a year. Change must happen in order to cut down the waste and global impact the fashion industry is having on the World, and in the words of Greta Thunberg ‘you are never too small to make a difference’. 

Respected names such as Stella McCartney have worked tirelessly for many years to take away the negative connotation associated with this topic. McCartney said in an interview with the Guardian "I was brought up to understand that we are all here on planet earth together. The idea of taking responsibility for what we take out of the's not something we sat down and had lessons in; as a way of thinking it came quite naturally."

Emma Hill, a London style blogger has recently taken on her own eco mission. She is promoting sustainable living through her YouTube channel and social media platforms. With a huge following of 561k followers on Instagram alone her reach is enormous and she has a respected voice within the fashion community. Emma challenged herself throughout August by buying only vintage and pre-owned, you can search for this movement with Hill’s #secondhandbutgrand hashtag on Instagram. Emma’s commitment to shopping second hand made her the perfect choice for a partnership in launching ‘The Sustainability Edit’. Emma carefully curated a collection of 30 handbags from our preloved handbags department for this edit based on their age, condition and longevity. If you’re a follower, you will know that Emma’s style is timeless and she has a penchant for quality. She is regularly snapped in a monochromatic colour palette as she enjoys the ‘something that goes with everything’ approach. Emma’s most loved handbag of this collection is our Louis Vuitton Black Taurillon Calfskin Leather Cappucine PM, the blogger’s eyes lit up when she saw this pre-loved beauty. 

Emma Hill Collaboration with Xupes

As part of the collaboration we are also hosting an event to discuss ‘The Sustainability Edit’ and the benefits of shopping pre-owned. This will be held on the 23rd of October at One Aldwych London, a hotel whose environmentally friendly efforts have resulted in them being awarded a Green Business Award from the European Regional Development Fund for the biggest total carbon saving in 2012. 

Our panellists include Emma Hill, Reece Morgan, Head of Handbags and Accessories at Xupes, Grace Richmond, Sustainability Consultant from Eco-Age and Katherine Ormerod, Fashion Author & Journalist. The panel will be exploring and discussing the benefits of buying pre-owned items and this unique opportunity will allow for your questions to be answered by  fashion industry professionals all of whom are experts within their field. 

It is worth noting that £100 from the sale of each bag from the collection will be donated to the UAL Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Browse The Sustainability Edit here. 


Xupes is committed to providing access to the finest pre-owned luxury items. Working hard to inform and educate on the benefits of investing in quality design and craftsmanship that will last for decades. We advocate sustainable practices through recycling pre-owned luxury pieces and offer a number of ways to nurture a circular fashion lifestyle alongside our collection of pre-owned items:

Sell & Consign

If you are looking to part with your item, we offer the opportunity for you to sell or consign your handbag through us, enabling your once loved item to be loved again. 


Have you got an item that no longer serves you, perhaps your style has changed and there’s a timeless item with more versatility on our website, why not see if your item can be outright or part-exchanged against another item?


We work in partnership with individuals who professionally restore and repair your items back to their former glory. Rather than simply accepting your item is too rough around the edges to be used again, why not enquire to see if this option could lease new life back into your favourite handbag? 


By definition upcycling is taking something disregarded or vintage and transforming it into something desirable again.  Our Xupes X Year Zero London collaborative collection fully embraced the route of sustainable fashion, embellishing handbags with hand painted, individual graphic designs. These items have been a great success for us, they are something we hope to continue and expand upon. This collaboration even earned a place in the closet of Kylie Jenner. 

In the hope that we have proved you can still own a product that beholds as much beauty second hand or vintage as it does new, why not join us to discover even more reasons to concentrate your efforts on the pre-owned approach. 

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