Handbags - Why Buy?

The Bag Bible: Must-haves for your wardrobe.

Bags are something of a religion here at Xupes. 

There, we said it. Hallelujah! 

Nothing makes us go weak at the knees faster than the sight of an iconic tote. We worship at the altars of Hermes and Chanel and we’d probably crawl on our hands and knees over a thousand miles of broken glass, just to stroke a vintage Birkin. 

So, Here Is Wisdom, as the good book says. We’ve pulled together chapter and verse from our current collection. The best of best, the most charming, quirky and coolest. They’re are all here in the Xupes Bag Bible.  

It’s a collection of must-haves for any handbag lover, be you an avid collector or a first time buyer.  

Of course, purchasing pre-owned can be a little daunting, but have faith. You’ll open up the opportunity to breathe new life into a vintage ensemble, or to bring a classic design back into the spotlight whilst (and this is very on-trend) showing your support for sustainability in the most stylish of fashions. 

Chanel your inner Coco. 

Quick, close your eyes and think of a bag.

We’re willing to bet you’re thinking of a Chanel handbag. Almost everyone does (even if they don’t know it’s a Chanel). Chanel has created some of the most timeless designs ever. The absolute epitome of elegance; their bags have been carried by the world's most famous and fabulous women.  

Take the Chanel Classic Double Flap bag. Surely the chicest, most comfortable and easy to carry bag you can buy. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone you know who’s in the know. Instantly identifiable by their diamond quilting, the CC turnlock and that beautifully woven chain strap. The Double Flap has stood the test of time and still manages to stay modern some 60 years after Coco Chanel came up with the idea. 

Chanel Medium Classic Double Flap Bag

We just love that connection with its history. The burgundy interior is a nod to Coco’s childhood; the uniforms of the convent orphanage where she grew up were the same shade of deep red. 

There is also that secret zipper under the top flap of the handbag where she would hide her love letters. 

Be it vintage or new, a Chanel Flap is always an investment worth making simply because it’s an investment in quality. Chanel bags have always held their value well and their popularity with collectors has seen some strong performance in the pre-owned market. 


Mini bags have been getting bigger lately, haven’t they? We mean in terms of popularity, naturally. To those non-belivers who say they’re less than practical we would respectfully disagree.

By discarding your day-to-day detritus and moving off with a Mini you project a carefree and super-organised aura. Brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Jacquems have taken the Mini bag to micro sizes. 

Less is more, and yes, less is totally more adorable. 

Chanel Mini Flap Bag

With so many variations in shapes and sizes of mini bag now available there’s one to suit everyone. Fashion Week will surely ensure that the Mini bag is going nowhere and that it remains the perfect staple accessory to pair with those thick chunky knits this Autumn/Winter. 

Top Handle

When I think of top handle bags the first that springs to mind is a Hermes Kelly. The Holy Grail. The gospel according to Grace. The Hermes Kelly is, of course, affectionately named after the impossibly elegant Grace Kelly, Hollywood royalty and later Princess of Monaco. 

Top handles have a truly powerful yet feminine feel, and they’re practical too, making them the ideal handbag style for a working woman. With such a variety of sizes, colours and leathers to choose from you’re actually spoilt for choice when you choose a Kelly. Plus there’s the added option of adding a strap to strike a more relaxed pose.  

Hermes Kelly 35cm

If you really, really… really, could only have one bag, a top handle should (maybe) be the one. 


For our cross-body section we have selected the Hermes Constance. It’s an undeniable favourite model of ours here in the Handbag department, well known for its distinctive, shiny H-clasp. 

Hermes Constance 23

First introduced in 1959, it is one of the most recognisable handbags from that most famous and fabulous French fashion house. 

It would be impossible to ignore the presence this handbag has had in the public eye throughout its storied history. The likes of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Lindsay Lohan & Kris Jenner have been sighted carrying their Constance with pride. 

It screams effortless elegance with a subtle whisper. Constance adds the perfect hint of luxury to any outfit, and makes for a stunning pairing with jeans and a crisp white shirt. 


A tote is a key accessory for any woman’s wardrobe no matter the season. It’s arguably the most sensible handbag a person could own. 

With two sturdy handles, tonnes of space, capacity and a whole host of brands to choose from, it really does come down to personal preference. So bear that in mind, as we’re plumping for Dior. 

Christian Dior Tote Bag

Maria Grazia Chiuri bought us the Christian Dior Book Tote in S/S ‘18 and it has quickly become a go-to for fashionistas. With a strong, structured frame & Dior’s embroidered oblique canvas it’s little wonder it has become a much coveted travel companion.

One for us girls who like to carry everything but the kitchen sink.


When picking a bag to make a statement we could not have chosen better than the Hermes Birkin. Aside from being the ultimate status handbag, just knowing the craftsmanship that goes into these magnificent pieces is reason enough to aspire to own one, or several. 

Hermes Birkin

Buying pre-owned gives you the opportunity to swerve the famous Hermes ‘waiting list’ and to add one of the most famous and desirable items of 21st century fashion design to your collection of handbags. People tend to care for their Birkins well too, testament to their near cult status. 

Birkin’s come in a range of sizes, from an adorable 25cm to a much larger 40cm. 

Seek and ye shall find

With fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham and every Kardashian showcasing such a variety of sizes, colours and skins it begs the question, which handbag would you choose? And what will your choice of bag say about you?

Are you a Bareina Faubourg Leather 35cm kind of woman, the kind who loves her neutrals and wants something to go with everything? Perhaps you prefer the other end of the spectrum, and you’d like to show a playful and more fashion forward style by becoming the owner of a Clemence Leather & Denim 30cm? 

Maybe it has just to be a Birkin, baby. 

We hope the Xupes Bag Bible has left you feeling inspired. Take a while to browse our collection of pre-owned handbags here. And when you’ve made your choice pray you get your hands on it before someone else does.