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How to accessorise your preloved designer handbag

Buying a designer handbag like a Hermes or Chanel can often come at significant expense, so learning new ways to change-up the look in keeping with your outfits and events in the diary is key. Accessorising your handbag is a style hack we have seen grow more and more popular within the handbag community over the last couple of years. It is an easy and economical way to breathe new life into your staple pieces.

We have pulled together a list of our favourite ways to accessorise any of our pre-loved handbags which will hopefully inspire you to get even more enjoyment from your new purchase.


A great way to show your personality are charms. Fendi lead the game here as they have an entire section dedicated to handbag accessories. Their ‘Bag Bug’ charms come in a wide variety of coloured fur and each denote a different quirky character with bold designs and cheeky  appeal. These are perfect for the more playful fashionistas.

Hermes also has its own signature and completely adorable Rodeo charm that embodies the equestrian roots of the fashion house. Their charms come in a wide variety of colours and certainly make it difficult for any handbag lover to choose just one.


2. Straps

Adding a new strap to a bag is a total game changer. You can contrast in material, colour, length which will completely transform the look and feel of the handbag.

We love adding a fresh from store strap to a vintage bag, it puts a completely different spin on things and can give your formal bag a more sporty edge if you opt for a fabric strap instead of leather.


3. Scarves

Scarves can be added to bags in a variety of ways. Swapping out the drawstring of a bucket bag for a scarf adds a feminine touch and can add a contrasting or complimentary boost of colour.

Most commonly a scarf would be added on the handles of a tote or top handle handbag, this particular trend is hugely popular with Hermes collectors but is extremely versatile across most brands. Hermes even sell their own range of silk twilly’s & scarves specifically for their handbag range in a stunning array of patterns that give a regal finishing touch.

4. Frocks

The evolving accessories industry has a lot to offer but Pursebop have bought new meaning to accessorising your accessories. ‘PurseBop Frocks’ are actual outfits for your handbag! From tiny denim jackets to frocks and capes for your bag. It’s safe to say we are completely obsessed.  

So from charms to twilly’s there are plenty of ways to customise your look and get more out of your handbag collection. Our friendly handbags team are here to help with any styling advice and the best ways to customise your favourite pieces.


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