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The Ultimate Chanel Sizing Guide

From the effortlessly chic mini bags to versatile totes inspired by their classics, Chanel has a repertoire of iconic handbags, with a unique sizing scheme. Purchasing one of the French fashion house’s pieces often comes with a lot of questions, and one of our most frequently asked one is how much a Chanel piece can hold. To help you decide on your next investment, we created the Xupes Chanel Sizing Guide, including all you need know about the designs’ dimensions, history and what fits in them.  



Chanel red lizard leather vintage timeless mini flap bag

As the smallest additions to the Chanel family, the minis are known as the perfect formal outfit accessories. Besides capturing the essence of the nano trend beautifully, these tiny bags are also amazing finishing touches to a statement outfit that would be too busy with a tote bag. Although we often hear concerns about how much a mini Chanel bag can hold, it’s surprisingly spacious on the inside, allowing you to carry your essentials for a night out or fashion show. A card-holder, keys, your go-to lipstick, miniature perfume and phone should all fit in a mini without a problem. The smallest styles of the Chanel collection are the Chanel Mini Square Flap Bags (17 x 13 x 8 cm) and Mini Rectangular Bags (20 x 12 x 7 cm), the Chanel Mini Boy Bags (15 x 9.5 x 7 cm),and the Deauville Pouches (19 x 10 x 4 cm), with distinct silhouettes, but similar dimension.



chanel pink quilted lambskin vintage small diana classic single flap bag

Adored for their sleek, subtle design, the small Chanel bags are perfect for a quick coffee break or after work drinks. The sizing of the small handbags only slightly differs from the minis, nevertheless, it makes a big difference both in style and interior. Instead of being a subtle little addition to outfits, the Small Chanel Boy Bag ((20 x 12 x 7 cm) will create its own statement without overpowering your look. While the Small Flap Bag (23 x 14 x 7cm) and Small Gabrielle Bag (22 x 23 x 10.5 cm) can be worn on the shoulders or as a clutch, there are various small top handle Chanel bags, such as the Chevron Chic Top Handle (24 x 16 x 11 cm) and the Small Deauville (39 x 29 x 21 cm), which have an even more elegant flare to them.



chanel quilted lambskin classic double flap bag

Known for being a versatile choice, medium sized Chanel bags are ideal for those busy days that start with business meetings and end with a dinner party. Besides the basic must-haves such as wallet, keys, makeup and phone, these bags will also easily fit a small notebook and pen or compact mirror. The medium size is available in most Chanel handbag designs, including top handle silhouettes such as the Medium Trendy CC Top Handle (30 x 19 x 12 cm), and iconic flaps such as the Medium Classic Flap Bag (26 x 16 x 7 cm) and the Old & New Medium Boy Bags (25 x 14.5 x 8 cm) and (28 x 18 x 9 cm).



Chanel chestnut heavy stitch quilted lambskin large le boy bag

With the large sized Chanel bags, you’ll never run out of space during your day. Their practical shape, structure and interior were all inspired by the vintage “superwoman” who enjoyed carrying all her essentials (and a bit more) in her handbag. If you are looking for a more spacious option that will surely hold any ad-hoc items such as an umbrella, an iPad and make-up case, we recommend taking a look at the large collection. These designs, such as the Large Boy Bag (30 x 22 x 9 cm), the Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag (30 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm) and the Large Classic Vanity Case Bag (24 x 17 x 10 cm) will also be the standout of your outfit, making a luxurious first impression when you enter the room.



chanel black lambskin vintage jumbo XL timeless shopping tote

XL Chanel Bags are often vintage pieces with unique dimensions and limited edition styles. These are great for either busy weekdays when you have to carry all your daily must-haves with you, or for spontaneous weekend getaways, holding a silk summer dress, sunglasses, magazines and your makeup case. Our current XL Chanel collection ranges from the XL Boy Reverso Bag (24 x 35 x 9 cm) to the XL Timeless Charm Shoulder Bag (20 x 30 x 7 cm), which will all quickly become the new favourite if you enjoy statement handbags that have a unique take on the original, smaller designs.


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