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7 Ways of Caring for your Luxury Handbag

A good quality handbag is designed to last a lifetime, but care does need to be taken in order to maintain its appearance. In collaboration with our Handbag & Accessories department, we’ve brought together seven handy tips that will help avoid damaging your handbag and keep it looking at its best

1.     Keeping It Covered & Stuffed

Dust bags and stuffing will become the best friends of your rarely used luxury bag, helping it keep its best condition. The dust bag (or if you don’t have the original dust bag anymore, a soft pillowcase) will protect the design from sun exposure, colour fading and excess moisture, especially when you’re travelling. In addition, a pillow or tissue paper stuffing will hold the bag’s original shape and silhouette.

2.     Don’t Forget About The Hardware

Many luxury handbags have gold, silver plated, or embellished hardware and taking care of these details is just as important as looking after the leather. If you have handbags that will be resting in your closet for a while, wrap tissue paper around the hardware to prevent imprints and wipe the metals with a microfibre cloth after long periods of use.

chanel hardware turnlock

3.    Handling Water Spills With Care

Although grabbing a hairdryer is probably your first thought after noticing a water spill mark on your handbag, gently dab it off and let it air-dry instead. A small water spill won’t cause any damage to the leather, but a hairdryer or any other high-heat source will damage it, resulting in small wrinkles and cracks.

4.     Switching Up Your Handbags

Rotating between your favourite designs is one of the best ways to keep all of your handbags in great shape. Using one bag every day can wear it out and cause tears and stains, but storing it in the closet for years is similarly damaging as well and can result in dusting, cracked leather and damaged hardware. To avoid all of these possible issues, switch up your bags every two weeks – air out the ones that have been sitting around in your wardrobe and give a break for the one you’ve been carrying around with you all week.

5.     Be Conscious While Wearing It

Keep in mind a simple rule to ensure you don’t harm your handbag while wearing it out. Ensure it doesn’t come into contact with wet surfaces or with your blue jeans while sitting down as colours can transfer to your bag, especially light coloured ones.

chanel black quilted lambskin belt bag

6.     Preventing Damage With A Handbag Hook

A handbag hook can be a great solution, especially in a busy restaurant or bar. Foldable handbag hooks are easy to carry around, and they will keep your bag off the ground, in sight and in the perfect place where no one is going to accidentally spill a drink on it.

7. Handling Serious Issues Professionally

If you notice damage that can’t be wiped off with a dry cloth, always seek a professional for help. Maintaining a long-term relationship with a handbag clinic for regular upkeep is also a good idea that will pay off throughout the years. Homemade remedies and DIY solutions can often make things worse, resulting in a problem beyond salvage, so we recommend seeking an expert’s assistance.

Following our seven tips will help keep your pre-owned designer handbag in excellent condition for years to come. However, if the worst does happen and your handbag is damaged, please contact us at the earliest opportunity. We offer professional cleaning and restoration services that can bring some of the most damaged handbags back to life.

Email us on [email protected] or call us directly on 01279 704 142 and a member of our team will be happy to assist.