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Luxury Jewellery Storing Tips: Dos and Don’ts

Storing Essentials

Taking proper care of your fine jewellery collection is key to maintaining its condition and ensuring it can be enjoyed for years to come. Part of that care process is making sure to store it in the correct way. While this may seem obvious at first, there are several things people commonly do that could potentially damage or devalue their jewellery. We’ve teamed together with our jewellery department to provide some handy do’s and don’ts for storing your most cherished pieces.

Do: Find The Perfect Location

First and foremost, choosing a dedicated place in your house to keep your jewellery is essential. It keeps everything together in one place, which is more secure and also makes choosing a piece for an outfit much easier. When choosing a storage location in your house, make sure the space is dry and somewhere with a relatively consistent temperature.

Don’t: Get Distracted by Looks

While your jewellery will great on the holder on your bathroom vanity cabinet, regular exposure to humidity and high temperatures can cause tarnishing to precious metals so should be avoided.

mixed fine pre owned jewellery in a modern jewellery box

Jewellery Care

Do: Invest Time and Effort

Once you have found a suitable location, we recommend investing time in finding a good quality jewellery box. Choose something with a strong outer structure, but with plenty of soft padding on the inside. This will protect your jewellery in case of an accident and also keep dust to a minimum. Having a box with multiple sections will also help you compartmentalise different materials and jewellery types, ensuring they are organised and kept safe. This will also avoid pieces scratching one another, minimising any future need for polishing.

Don’t: Allow your chains to get tangled

Avoid grouping multiple chains or necklaces together as this can cause them to tangle easily. Aside from being super frustrating to untangle you risk damaging fragile chains or scratching pendants. If you have enough space, we recommend storing your necklaces in their original boxes to ensure they stay in optimal condition.

mixed pre owed luxury jewellery in a modern jewellery box

Do: Research Care Methods

Advice on taking care of gemstones and metals varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but here’s a quick list of our general care tips for fine jewellery:

Diamonds: Use lukewarm, soapy water with a very gentle brush (such as a soft toothbrush) and brush gently in circular movements. This will help clean any unwanted dirt from your diamonds without scratching them.

Pearls: Use soft glasses or camera lens cloth to remove any dirt or marks – Never use harsh chemicals and avoid spraying perfume directly onto your jewellery.  

Gemstones: As gemstones are generally softer than diamonds, avoid brushing them and instead use warm, low chemical content soapy water with a soft cloth.

Gold: A gold-polishing cloth and regular cleanings are recommended for both white, yellow and rose gold. Try to avoid wearing jewellery directly next to, or on top of each other to avoid scratches.

Silver: Anti-tarnish strips and silver cleansing cloths should keep your sterling silver pieces shiny and untarnished.

We offer a complimentary in-house cleaning service using our ultrasonic equipment for all jewellery purchased at Xupes.

Storing Organisation & Safety

Do: Store Your Metals Separately

cartier love ring and assorted luxury jewellery in a jewellery box

Although we mentioned it before, we can’t stress the importance of organising your jewellery enough. As softer materials such pearls and yellow gold can get damaged very easily, we recommend separating your diamond jewellery. Diamonds are one of the strongest materials in the world, so separating them from the rest of your jewellery will avoid the risk of damage to other pieces. Diamonds have even been known to scratch precious metals as well as sapphire crystal which can be very expensive to repair or replace. Separate your pearls from other jewelry which could push against them. Even when you’re travelling with a smaller collection, keeping your jewellery pieces in soft pouches (instead of plastic bags) will keep them safe from tangles or scratches.

Don’t: Keep it on display

After a long day out of the house, it can be tempting just to take all of your jewellery off as you get in through the door. In the long term, this habit can risk the safety and condition of the jewellery, so it’s always worth taking the time to put your pieces away in the correct way. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Security is understandably one of the biggest concerns when storing high-value items. In addition to a good quality jewellery box, we also recommend installing a personal safe in the home for extra piece of mind.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Having a pre-loved fine jewellery collection is a joy, but attention should be made to storage and care to make sure it lasts a lifetime. If you would like to learn more about storing luxury items, please contact the Xupes team where we can offer personalised advice on storage and security for your collection.