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Five Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Chanel Double Flap Bag

Most handbag lovers start their fashion journey with learning about iconic luxury houses such as Dior, Gucci and of course, Chanel. Coco Chanel’s designs tell individual stories and contain endless little secrets which contribute to both their financial and sentimental value. In this article, we gathered those small, delicate details and secrets that can explain why people are still obsessed with the Double Flap bags, decades after its original launch.

Five Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Chanel Double Flap Bag:

The Inspiration Behind the Interior

Coco Chanel drew inspiration from all different stages of her life to design outstanding collections. One of these stages was her childhood and her years spent in an orphanage, which is subtly represented in the Double Flap’s interior. The deep burgundy shade of the interior flap is the same colour of Coco’s uniform during her childhood years, which became a mainstay colour for the Double Flap Bags.

Xupes pre-owned Chanel classic double flap burgundy interior

Single vs. Double Flap

The traditional interior of all Chanel Flap Bags was a double flap instead of single ones – meaning, that all vintage 2.55 and Classic Flap designs came with a usually burgundy flap to create a second compartment. Years later, due to limited edition silhouettes and new design elements, certain sizes could only have the exterior flap itself…these bags are now known as the Single Flaps.

Xupes pre-owned Chanel classic double flap and single flap bags

The Story of Empowerment

Whether it is a modern, daring design or something very elegant and classic, there is always something incredibly empowering behind Chanel’s masterpieces. Besides telling Coco Chanel’s personal stories, the vintage Double Flap Bags made an important social statement as well. In the late 50’s, the 2.55 offered women a stylish and more comfortable option with the shoulder straps, replacing the trend of clutch bags. Nowadays, the Double Flap is known as the perfect mix between elegance and practicality, while other Flap Bags, such as the new mainstay Boy Bag, keep making bold statements to change the fashion industry.

Adored by Icons

Although it’s not a secret that celebrities have always loved Chanel, there are a few icons that had a special connection to the brand. Such as Princess Diana, who not only loved wearing Chanel bags, but also has been an inspiration for the luxury house, even after she stopped wearing Chanel after her divorce. The list of iconic celebrities continues with the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and Elizabeth Taylor, while from a more artistic angle, Helmut Newton created one of Chanel’s most popular campaign photographs in 1983, featuring the Double Flap Bag.

2.55 or Classic Flap?

There is still confusion between the two vintage double flap designs, often leading people to believe that these two styles are identical. The main differences can be spotted in the details: while Classic Flap features a double CC interlocking designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the 2.55 and 2.55 Reissue have a more simple, rectangular lock. The 2.55 bag also has a slightly different shape and comes in distressed leather, unlike the Classic Flap, which is available in smooth and caviar finish.

Xupes pre-owned Chanel 2.55 reissue metallic double flap chain detail
Xupes pre-owned Chanel 2.55 reissue metallic double flap

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