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Why handbag collectors love Chanel

Chanel handbags are often called the ultimate investment bags: with a constant increase in value and amazing history. They are not only classic fashion staples but also great business choices. To understand more about their popularity, we’ve followed the journey of Chanel designs from creation and styling all the way to reselling.

The History of Chanel Handbags

Unlike many other brands, Chanel has kept the creator’s story and spirit during the decade. We all love and respect Gabrielle, and we know exactly why and how each iconic design was dreamed and created. The inspiration always comes from a brave, unique and feminist point of view – the Chanel’s 2.55 bag created a fashionable, comfortable shoulder strap option for women (instead of always carrying clutches), and her Chanel suit was a remarkable, feminine twist on traditional menswear. 

But instead of repeating the same stories, Karl Lagerfeld found the modern way by designing the Classic Flap and Boy Bag, creating unapologetic silhouettes with classic tweed, constantly reminding us of Coco’s influence.

The Attention to Detail

Beautiful execution and detailing accompanies each story and design. Each seasonal collection has its own craftsmanship and unique perspective. In 2015, the Summer/Spring collection took almost 100,000 sequins and a total of 2,200 hours to create, with the details individually sewn into each piece. To this day, the luxury brand collaborates with ateliers and artists who create all of the small details such as buttons, buckles and handbag clasps bespoke for Chanel.

The Limited Edition Designs

It is not a surprise that limited edition Chanel bags instantly get handbag collector’s attention. They are unique, hard to find masterpieces that show a new level of creativity. For the more practical collectors, Chanel offers a variety of limited editions classic handbags such as the Boy Bag and the Classic Flap Bag. For experimental shoppers, the brand has a few unusual designs such as their Brasserie bag. This versatility (with a very strong sense of design) makes Chanel a popular choice. 

Looking to Invest?

The design, attention to detail and the unique stories behind each creation make a pre-loved Chanel handbags a good option for investments as well. We have all probably come across articles of the value increase of Chanel bags: Vogue, Elle and Grazia are just a few magazines that featured and recommended Chanel handbags as a safe way to get the most resale value. For example, the Chanel 2.55 bag, which was originally priced at £155, went up to £810 during the 90s’ all the way to £3,500 in 2016, and this growth is not predicted to drop anytime soon.

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Navy Suede, Red & White Lambskin Union Jack Shoulder Bag

This pre-loved Chanel bag was designed in 2008 for the Paris/London collection and was only showcased for a limited time only. The Union Jack patterned handbag has gold hardware with oxblood red shoulder strap and is known to be a celebrity favourite as well.


Black & White Printed Fabric Karl Lagerfeld Sketches Medium Classic Double Flap Bag

Although it was designed in 2004, this pre-owned bag could easily look like a true vintage print. Instead of the traditional calfskin, this Classic Flap Bag features a soft fabric material with Karl’s sketches inspired by France.


Black Quilted Lambskin Vintage Classic Belt Bag

If you are looking for something different from the Classic Flap and 2.55 handbags, this pre-loved quilted belt bag from the 90’s could be the perfect design for you. The gold with the black lambskin makes this more casual style look classy and beautiful… and we’re absolutely in love with the gold and black strap.

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