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The January Effect: New Year, New investments

Following a tumultuous 2018 and year-end turmoil that ushered in seismic shifts for stocks and bonds-- economists, analysts and pundits alike are at sixes and sevens how to advise nervous investors. The January Effect, a term assigned for its namesake seasonal increase in shares, may follow a dreadful December, but is never guaranteed. Brexit, trade wars, Twitter-happy Trump plus the inevitable hangover of Christmas bills to come can put off the most seasoned investor. But more positively, January is also a time of renewal and opportunity to investigate alternative investments away from traditional asset classes, to explore a portfolio of luxury goods adding more pleasure than pressure in 2019 and beyond.

Haute Horlogerie

As highlighted in A Timely Investment, pre-owned watches are always a good starting point when seeking to diversify one’s portfolio. Indeed, owning a classic timepiece offers far more enjoyment and significantly less stress than predicting the vagaries of the FTSE. Not only do vintage and/or pre-loved watches offer a broader selection of both in-production, as well as unique and rare out-of-production models, but critically eliminate the retail markup of box fresh purchases (and thereby avoid the inevitable hit to value once purchased). Those seeking somewhere different to park their ISA allowance, now up to £20,000, could do worse than investigating the merits of the iconic Rolex Daytona.

pre owned rolex daytona 116519 in 18j white gold on a brown leather strap

It was the Rolex Daytona gifted to Paul Newman by wife Joanne Woodward with the inscription “Drive carefully” that fetched a record breaking US$17.8m at auction, well over the US$1m guide price, thus catapulting the Daytona into truly legendary status. For many watch enthusiasts, the Daytona Cosmograph represents one of the most collectable and covetable of all luxury timepieces. Cased in 18k white gold with crocodile leather strap (complete with box and papers) this Daytona is brimming with collectable cache, distinction and investment potential. Classed by Xupes as being in Exceptional condition, this aspirational and perhaps most iconic of Rolexes lends untouchable class, style and a certain inimitable cool factor to its owner.

close up of a pre loved rolex daytona 116519 in white gold with a leather band

Sticking with timepieces, we turn our attention to the rather more niche, but no less lauded IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar. In 1985, IWC design engineer and inventor Kurt Klaus unveiled the Da Vinci Ref. 3750 to much critical and commercial fanfare, a perpetual calendar watch which many experts argue represents the epitome of the esteemed watchmaker IWC.

pre loved IWC portuguese perpetual in 18k rose gold on a brown leather strap

Conceived in part as the saviour to the beleaguered traditional Swiss watchmaking industry, on its knees following the quartz revolution, with an unapologetic dedication to excellence and complicated mechanics, the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar wristwatch comprises 87 individual parts. It displays the date, day, month and year (even accounting for leap years) for the next 570+ years in eye-catching, easy to read aesthetic displays along the dial. Boasting two of the most esteemed of complications, the aforementioned perpetual calendar coupled with its famous dual moonphase display for both northern and southern hemispheres, this IWC cased in 18k rose gold ticks many boxes for any avid watch collector devoted to supreme craftsmanship and Haute Horlogerie.

close up of a pre owned IWC portuguese perpetual calendar in 18k rose gold


As any serious bag connoisseur knows, Hermès stands for unrivalled commitment to quality, style, and sophistication. Championed by its namesake, Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco, the Hermès Kelly remains one of the most covetable of all luxury accessories, topping most lists of collectable handbags heralding the luxury house’s perennial style, status and investment potential. Made by hand in France, each Kelly takes approximately 18 hours to create and is hand stitched by a single craftsman using the Hermès trademark double saddle stitch. The lining is made first of goatskin, from which each leather layer or other exotic skin exterior is precision cut and added accordingly. Each section is stitched with waxed linen thread and pieced together with painstaking attention to detail. The result is a timeless piece of arm candy many argue is worth the legendary waiting lists-- lusted over by celebrities and VIPs alike as a distinct symbol of taste and affluence.

pre loved hermes kelly 35 in orange togo leather

Of course scarcity, not to mention clever marketing means getting one’s hands on an elusive box-fresh Hermès Kelly is tricky for mere mortals. Veiled in secrecy are supply and so-called drop dates, with the opportunity to purchase seemingly ‘gifted’ by invitation-only. There are no Birkin or Kelly bags listed on Hermès’ website and unofficially Hermès have abandoned waiting lists. Naturally all of this only adds to the bag’s mythical status.  This particular Kelly in orange is remarkably versatile, suiting all seasons. The simple, pared back design and accompanying shoulder strap means it is at home in the crook of the arm, on the shoulder, or on-trend as a cross-body bag. Add a further dash of individuality and style with a bold silk scarf wrapped around the handle. Skip the queue and explore this piece along with Xupes’ edit of many more exceptional Hermès bags and accessories.

pre owned hermes kelly in orange togo leather 35cm

Precious Gems

Rubies, sapphires and emeralds represent the triumvirate of precious coloured gems. In fact, high-quality rubies factoring colour, clarity, brilliance and provenance (Burmese being the finest) are known to hold their value more than diamonds on account of overall demand and rarity.

pre loved camdame ruby and diamond cocktail ring in 18k white gold

When it comes to jewellery, future returns are measured in what stirs the soul and the pure joy of ownership rather than monetary gain. Adding a bit of sparkle to one’s portfolio we have chosen this Camdame ruby and diamond cocktail ring set in 18k white gold. Presented in a dazzling flower arrangement, this ring consists of seven round cut brilliant diamonds surrounded by six stunning oval cut rubies. The eye-popping colour and unique, elegant setting is sure to stand out on any hand. Find this plus many other pieces of fine jewellery on Xupes.

pre owned camdame ruby and diamond cocktail ring

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