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Why Buying A Pre-Owned Rolex Makes You a Savvy Watch Collector

Rolex aficionados know that a Daytona, Submariner or Datejust on their wrist represents much more than just a watch. One of the world’s most instantly recognisable brands, watch collectors understand that when purchasing a Rolex, regardless of whether pre-owned or brand new, they’re investing in an enduring timepiece — one that epitomises meticulous quality, timeless style and undisputable luxury. Here are some of the main reasons why watch collectors — including Paul Newman, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Jennifer Aniston — love Rolex.

1. Rolex is Built for Purpose

pre owned rolex milgauss 116400

Built for purpose, Rolex is the original tool watch. As such, pre-owned Rolex collectors love the practical reasons behind some of the watchmaker’s most revered and popular pieces. For instance, the Oyster 1926 was the world’s first waterproof watch, the Datejust 1945 was the first chronometer to have a date on its dial, the Submariner 1953 was the first dive watch waterproof to 100 metres, the GMT-Master 1955 was the first GMT watch enabling pilots to track two time zones and the Milgauss 1956 was the first anti-magnetic watch resistant up to 1,000 gauss. Rolex has always understood that a watch is not just a decorative piece on the wrist — through their technological innovations, the brand has remained avant-garde and haute horology collectors can trust in this.

2. Rolex has Enduring Style

vintage rolex daytona 16520 patrizzi dial

Because of the practical reasons behind many of Rolex’s designs, its collections have remained remarkably unchanged over the years establishing distinct and recognisable styles for popular models. In many cases, a Rolex watch created decades ago versus one that was made today will differ only slightly in its design. Savvy watch collectors, therefore, know that buying a pre-owned Rolex or an older version of a current model — like the much-loved Rolex Daytona 16520 — will enable you to own a classic watch that will never go out of fashion.  

3. Rolex is Quality

vintage rolex explorer 1016 watch

Rolex watches are hand-assembled, high-quality timepieces that go through rigorous quality control. All the materials are created at their foundry in Switzerland and their movements are now also manufactured in-house guaranteeing unparalleled standards. Additionally, Rolex is famed for using only the finest materials to create their watches, from aerospace-worthy steel to pure and precious metals. This means that Rolex watches whether brand new or second-hand are durable, corrosion resistant and generally impervious to life’s wear-and-tear. For example, thanks to a special lubricant in its movement, the Rolex Explorer was made to be particularly durable withstanding drastic temperature fluctuations. When investing in a Rolex timepiece, watch collectors are buying into the brand’s pledge to quality and durability, which promises everlasting Swiss precision and craftsmanship. This is perfect for pre-loved purchasers as they can guarantee, regardless of the age of the watch, that the piece will still retain its level of performance as long as it is serviced regularly by an accredited watchmaker.

4. Rolex has Value

Like art, vintage cars and fine wines, as a true luxury staple, Rolex watches generally accrue value over time. As such, watch collectors can be confident that investing in a pre-owned Rolex watch is a sensible bet as it often guarantees a solid resale value. This value stems from the watchmaker’s commitment to purpose-built timepieces, its timeless style and its promise of quality. Watch connoisseurs will thus analyse the history, provenance and details of each Rolex model to choose where to place their investment making some models particularly sought-after. With such value, Rolex watches make for perfect family heirlooms to be handed down through generations.

close up of pre owned rolex gmt master II 116710LN

5. Rolex is Unmistakable

A Rolex on the wrist is unmistakable to watch fans. The brand’s global recognition and passionate following means that there is plenty of literature out there to learn about the brand and its collections. Indeed, the Internet promises not only entire Websites dedicated to Rolex, but forums, fan clubs and collector groups all sharing their knowledge on all there is to know about Rolex and its many models. Thanks to this world of Rolex aficionados, one can learn much about the bezel, dial or crown details that make certain vintage pieces so collectable. Rolex collectors who do their research can, therefore, have confidence in their investment in a pre-owned piece. This instant brand recognition also means that Rolex is easy to resell if and when needed, and being a beloved brand the world over, one can always be sure to receive a competitive price.  

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