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The pre-loved Chanel Brasserie Gabrielle Plates Clutch Bag

Here at Xupes, a keen eye for trends past and present is a must. In the handbags department, we carefully select each bag that comes into stock based on the popularity or rarity of an item.

We have been in awe of so many bags we have had in our collection, from Chanel Lait de Coco to the Robot Minaudière we take the time and care to marvel in the craftsmanship that goes into these items and the inspiration behind the collections they have come from.

Chanel white Calfskin leather plexiglass brasserie Gabrielle clutch bag

A firm favourite is currently our beautiful pre-loved Chanel Brasserie Gabrielle Plates Clutch Bag.

The bag descended from Karl Lagerfeld's Autumn Winter 2015 ‘The Brasserie Gabrielle collection'.This was unveiled in the Grand Palais located in Champs-Élysées Paris with the catwalk set out to encapsulate a Parisian dining experience.

Popular Models in attendance include the likes of Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, all seen centre stage at ‘Brasserie Chanel’ covered in unmistakable Chanel tweed, awaiting their orders of espressos and champagne taken by waiters at the bar.

Lagerfeld used to frequent charming French brasseries such as La Coupole & Bofinger at a time in his life when it was simple enough to go out and enjoy a meal without being hassled by the press. These brasseries are said to be where much of the inspiration for this collection originated from.

Chanel white Calfskin leather plexiglass brasserie Gabrielle clutch bag

The Brasserie Gabrielle collection had a somewhat tongue-in-cheek air around it considering the previous negative feedback that the creative director had received on past collections. Most of this negativity had originated from the French,  showing distaste at Lagerfeld's futuristic imagination and vision. It could be argued that he, therefore, took Chanel back to its roots for this collection.

The theme trickled all the way down to the finer details which is where us bag lovers found our bliss. There was an iconic stable hand diamond quilted flap bag with a Brasserie collection twist featuring adorable miniature gold knives and forks spotted around the leather.

Chanel white Calfskin leather plexiglass brasserie Gabrielle clutch bag

The quirkiest of the show however in our opinion had to be the plates clutch.

This bag is one that would need to be treated with the utmost care due to its quite literal fragile nature being made out of two overlapping plexiglass plates to the front with white calfskin at the back forming the bag compartments. The interior is delicately crafted out of white satin. Although this one is for a collectors closet it deserves to be seen and let's face it, this would be the perfect Instagram bag for your brunch with the girls.

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