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Why are mini handbags so popular?

We have seen some pretty unwearable fashion trends hit the runway but popular micro-bag is still standing the test of time. Celebrities are trading in their jumbo-sized Birkin bags for smaller-than-small handbags as their trusty accessory.

A-listers like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have been spotted daintily carrying these teeny tiny bags, barely large enough to carry an iPhone Plus. A remarkable example is Kendall Jenner’s minuscule white Jacquemus bag, so small (we’re talking 0.6 ounces), we wonder what she can even fit in it. Rihanna was first spotted carrying this microscopic Jacquemus mini bag in Barbados in a vivid mustard, blending in with her custom-made Hellessy dress of the exact same colour. 

Popular belief may be that these small bags are reserved for It Girls only. With its limited space, can the mini-bag really be suitable for the everyday woman? We certainly think so, given the right time and place. It isn’t always necessary to carry enough items in your bag to skip the country, so a mini-bag really forces you to carry the essential(s) only. This means no more scrounging around your bag for your purse in the Sainsbury’s queue whilst your fellow shoppers huff and puff behind you. The bag doesn’t necessarily have to be as tiny as Kendall’s Jacquemus bag, scaling up just a tad still hits the trend’s sweet spot. 

A smaller bag, meaning fewer items, allows you to go about your day, stress and hands-free. In the technological era we live in today, with a somewhat cash-free, contactless society, it is no surprise that downsizing bag space in on the rise.

Fendi’s Baguette, which ironically probably could barely fit your bagel for lunch, was one of the first to hit the fashion world two decades ago. Silvia Venturini Fendi told Vogue that it was “foolish, a treat and anti-functional. It was the first bag to be treated like a garment.” After Paris Hilton was spotted toting around the bag, it went on to sell more than 100,000 the very same year.

Our pre-loved Fendi Baguette in the famous brown monogram canvas, circa the 2000s, is a great post-millennium vintage piece to exercise the mini bag trend. With a 19cm adjustable strap, it’s a great purse for on-the-go. 

xupes pre-owned fendi mini baguette bag

Alternatively, you can go ultra-sleek and ultra-slim with this pre-owned Hermes Kelly Danse Clutch in black box calf leather. The minimalist look matches the minimalist lifestyle, giving perfect space for your essentials; card holder purse, keys and phone -- maybe your favourite lipstick or lip balm, too.  

Xupes pre-owned hermes kelly danse clutch

Whilst the micro-bag trend isn’t exactly a standout accessory the way the Birkin bag is, you can still add a pop of colour and fun with a piece like the Louis Vuitton multicolour canvas mini HL speedy. With a nice long strap, you can wear this one crossbody style on weekend days out.

Xupes pre-owned Louis Vuitton multicoloured canvas mini bag

For those who just can’t downsize and need a tad more extra space, the Chanel Mini Timeless Bucket Bag is the best option. It’s the perfect day-to-night bag, which you can just sling on and go. Bucket bags will carry all your essentials and maybe a little more than the above counterparts. The gold hardware intertwined with the black lambskin strap adds a nice feature, giving the bag a perfect nighttime look.

Xupes pre-owned Chanel mini bucket bag
Xupes pre-owned Chanel mini bucket bag

Whilst on the surface the mini bag trend looks like it serves fashion over function, we do believe it is a great exercise in sporting minimalism on your shoulder. Often when we opt for a bigger bag, we will fill it to the brim with absolute nonsense items, whereas the mini bag allows us to scale back and explore our carefree side.

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