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Wimbledon and Rolex – game set and match


When it comes to the world of sport, few events hold as much prestige as The Championships, Wimbledon. At the height of each summer, the world’s finest players gather at the All England Club to compete for the coveted title of Wimbledon Champion. But Wimbledon is not just a competition; rather, an opportunity for those taking part to represent the best their country has to offer in regards to sportsmanship, perseverance, and honour, while, of course, showcasing the finest talent their nation has to offer. Since its inception in 1877, Wimbledon has been a cornerstone of the sporting world, and has stood as an embodiment of the values that should remain at the core of any sport and its participants: tradition, respect, professionalism and passion. Surely then, there are few brands that personify these values as acutely as Rolex, who has now entered its fortieth year as Wimbledon’s Official Timekeeper.

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Arguably the world’s most renowned luxury watchmaker, it should come as little surprise that Rolex have worked closely with one of the world’s most renowned international sporting events. Over the last four decades, Rolex clocks have become a signature fixture at Centre Court and throughout the rest of the grounds, ensuring participants and audience members alike are appraised with Rolex’s remarkably precise timekeeping. Off the court, Rolex has chosen a number of exceptional players to become Rolex Testimonees, a title given to those who Rolex recognises for their outstanding contributions to sport, as well as their esteemed character and conduct. Some of the most notable of these ambassadors include Björn Borg, Tim Henman, Chris Everett, and Roger Federer, all iconic players in their own right, with their preferred Rolex timepieces being worn during many of their greatest sporting achievements.  

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The Rolex Testimonee can often be seen sporting some of the most recognisable timepieces from the brand’s varied and esteemed catalogue, with a particular proclivity for models found in the Oyster collection. Bjorn Borg can often be seen sporting his Day-Date 36, an esteemed and refined timepiece for a player of truly equal measure. Borg was ranked the number one tennis player in the world in both 1979 and 1980, and was uncountably at the height of his career as Wimbledon and Rolex first established their partnership. Today, his Daydate stands as a symbol of his past accomplishments, a reminder that the privilege that comes with exceptional sportsmanship is not earnt without sacrifice and tenacity. Borg himself maintains that “when I look at my watch and I think back to the success and the achievements I had on the tennis court, winning the big championships, winning the big tournaments… It stands for, “I believe in greatness. I did something great on the tennis courts that I’m very proud of.”

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While Borg rightly made his mark on 20th century Tennis, the new millennium has seen one man reach stratospheric heights. Roger Federer is considered by many to be one of, if not the, greatest tennis player of all time. The Swiss born Testimonee has won seven Wimbledon titles during his career thus far, and has been ranked the world's number one player for over 6 years by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Federer’s many achievements are a testament to both his natural talents and his wholehearted devotion to his sport, all of which are encapsulated by his Datejust ii. Federer has remarked that “every time I put on my Rolex, it reminds me of those great moments. It also reminds me that if you do not work hard, somebody else will, and they eventually will pass you.”

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Xupes offers a wide selection of Rolex timepieces from the Oyster catalogue, including those from the Day-Date and Datejust collection, as well as other models that Testimonies are known to show a proclivity for. Our catalogue ranges from pieces dating back to the early 70’s for those with a predilection for classic styles, to more recent models such as the latest Datejust 41, a more streamlined and modernised version of Federer’s Datejust ii. 

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Our extensive collection of second hand Rolex Oyster timepieces offer plenty of choice for those trying to find their own style, with a broad spectrum of casing sizes, face designs, and steel straps readily available. Find your perfect match today and celebrate Rolex’s fortieth year as the official timekeeper of Tennis’s most distinguished and exciting tournament.