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Favourite Five: Pre-Loved Happy Diamonds from Chopard

Our jewellery editor picks her top pre-loved and vintage pieces from the fun-loving Chopard Happy Diamonds collection.

It will go down as a dizzying year for Chopard. After fixing a deal In April with Rihanna on a collaboration collection, they have been riding high as the hottest name in jewellery. The move was part of their on-going push to bring their style before the eyes of the Instagram generation. Indeed, this is part of what sets them apart. As well as high jewellery for the red carpet, they produce playful and laid-back pieces that look equally at home with a t-shirt and jeans. The classic example is the Happy Diamonds range, which has been breathing light-heartedness into jewellery design for over forty years. Here are five pre-loved pieces from across the decades.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

"Diamonds are happiest when they are free to dance." Caroline Scheufele.

In 1976, designer Ronald Kurowski was walking in the Black Forest when a glistening waterfall gave him the idea of free-flowing diamonds. The freedom of movement, he imagined, would allow maximum refraction of light and so help bring out their true splendour. His design consisted of two panes of crystal with loose brilliant-cut diamonds encased in a thin sheath of white gold.

Pre-Loved Happy Diamonds from Chopard

At first the Happy Diamonds concept found its home in men’s watches, but in 1985, in her first year as artistic director, Caroline Scheufele introduced a clown pendant with a handful of Happy Diamonds in its stomach. From that point on Chopard has been a jeweller as well as a watchmaker and Happy Diamonds has expanded into an eclectic collection.

Pre-Loved Happy Diamonds from Chopard

Nowadays Happy Diamonds is one of the most recognised jewellery designs in the world. One of the more popular forms is the heart-shaped case with anything up to five floating diamonds inside. But there are pieces for all, from the elaborate to the minimal, and, especially if pre-loved or vintage, prices can be accessible for first-time luxury jewellery buyers.

Pre-Loved Happy Diamonds from Chopard
Pre-Loved Happy Diamonds from Chopard


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