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What Fits: Chanel Wallet-On-Chain in Pink Quilted Lambskin

Here’s what you can realistically expect to fit in a Chanel Wallet-On-Chain.

Our What Fits series allows you to get an idea of the real size of these beautiful handbags without having to see them in person. Ideal for, say, internet shopping while at work! Today’s piece is the 2013 Chanel Wallet-On-Chain in pink. The Wallet-On-Chain, as its name suggests, is quite literally a purse that you hang from your shoulder, crossbody. It’s super handy and it’s actually a touch bigger than you might expect and you can fit in a lot more than you’d think!

The Wallet-On-Chain opens like a Classic Flap with a main compartment, a zipped compartment and a section for your cards. It even has the zipped envelope in the flap, which Coco allegedly used to use to hide her love letters. Meanwhile the back of the bag has a quick access pocket which is ideal to slip your phone in.

Chanel Wallet on Chain

In pink it’s perhaps not an everyday bag but it’s a gorgeous option for a day’s luxury shopping or an evening out. Also, the rarer colour means it’s quite sought-after on the secondary market and as with most Chanel Flaps it’s actually a decent investment piece—this particular model has risen in price since it was first released.

The Wallet-On-Chain measures: height: 12.5 cm, width: 19 cm and depth: 4 cm. While this seems small, with the card slots and zipper compartment you really can fit in quite a lot! Here’s an idea…

  • iPhone 6S
  • Card Case
  • Lip Balm
  • Car Key
  • Mints/Chewing Gum
  • Earphones
  • Compact Mirror
Chanel Wallet on Chain

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