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Spotlight On: Hermes Resort Collection

A look at the Hermès Resort 2018 show and similar pre-loved styles in our luxury collection.

The Resort season has always been about the ultimate getaway style, the presentation of the perfect outfit for that oh-so-hot and sunny, well… resort destination. Although this original concept may have been forgotten by some, Hermès has always been one to uphold tradition.

Hermès has crafted leather goods by hand since 1837, it is this commitment to their craft that shines through in everything that they do, and this Resort season is no exception to this.

Now, we all know how elusive a Hermès bag can be, as the luxury Parisian powerhouse only makes as many bags as they can, whilst adhering to their strict requirements for skill and expert completion. The hand stitching alone can take 24-48 hours to complete.

The Resort 2018 show in Paris makes it clear that, whilst maintaining that Hermès quality, they have stayed true to the idealisation of resort holiday style and presented a collection fit for any sun drenched destination. However, in true Hermès style they haven’t chosen to reinvent themselves, and why would they? The Hermès brand and style is timeless and the latest collection proves just this.

Both the iconic Birkin and Kelly bags feature in bright colours, including a coral red contrasting with an electric blue piping, which the team here at Xupes chose as their personal favourite from the show. The bold uses of contrasting colour, piping and colour blocking exude glamorous getaway style with the practicality and luxury Hermès are renowned for. Alongside these revisited classic styles, Hermès also introduced a flap bag which shows similarities to the Constance bag with the shape and leather strap. This bag features a unique H closure and is, of course, available in a variety of vacay ready colours.

View a clip from the show below...

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Here at Xupes, we know that your destination may not wait for you to source a Resort 2018 Birkin or Kelly. However, you shouldn’t discard that passport just yet as we have selected our favourite Hermès bags from our collection that will be sure to fit the bill.

First is this Hermès Special Order Birkin, which comes in a light blue ‘Bleu Lin’ Togo leather with eggshell ‘Parchemin’ trim and interior. We recently did some research into what Special Order Hermès is and how best to get one, which you can read online now.

Special Order

Our next choice had to be this Hermès 2016 Kelly 40 cm in orange clemence leather. The colour exudes summer style and the addition of the gold hardware provides the luxury addition you expect with any Hermès bag.

Kelly 40 cm in orange clemence leather.

This Hermès Constance 23 is a petite, chic shoulder bag with a long slender strap and a large H symbol closure to the bag. The blue swift leather is perfectly complemented by palladium hardware and would be a fantastic addition to any fizz-fuelled summer evening.

Hermès Constance 23

The adjustable strap on this Hermès Jypsiere 28 makes it a practical choice for your summer getaway. Primarily made from green clemence leather and complemented by palladium hardware the Jypsiere gets our vote for the best jet-setting style picks.


These are just a small selection of our pre-loved Hermès bags. You can find our full collection which includes Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more, online now at