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Our 15 favourite Watches on Wrists at last weekend’s SalonQP

Some of the sharpest watches on show at SalonQP 2016 were strapped to the wrists of the general watch-wearing public.

This year, huddled into the Saatchi gallery with the usual mix of watch journalists, eager-beaver marketers and horology lovers, was a healthy dose of regular folk and everyday watch–wearers. These watch-industry civilians were in high spirits as they perused the latest watches on the circuit and learned a little more about the current buzz for watchmaking.

For the uninitiated, SalonQP is Europe’s second biggest watch event. Over the past six years it has been growing in size and winning favour amongst the big-name Swiss brands. Being just a short train ride for us, we usually head down in a pack and spend an enjoyable champagne-fuelled evening getting to know upcoming talent and watchmaking celebrities. This year, as well as reporting our highlights of SalonQP 2016, we covered one of the most noticeable trends—the rise of British watchmaking, with a number of young English brands investing big in the centuries-old tradition. But as ever at these events, some of the best watches out there were those worn by the attendees. Check out our roundup of our top picks.

Wristshots at SalonQP 2016 

SalonQP ran from Thursday through to Saturday and featured a mix of curated exhibitions—such as the history of the dive watch and travel watch—as well as a selection of independent watchmakers and big-league Swiss brands. For more coverage and information on the show, have a look through the recent articles in our magazine or visit the SalonQP website.

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