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Product of the Week: Vintage Herta Bengtson for Rörstrand Bowl

Hertha Bengtson joined Swedish porcelain manufacturer, Rörstrand, as a designer and artist in 1941. At the time, she was a promising 24-year-old who had previously been employed as a surface pattern designer at Hackefors porcelain factory. Hertha’s popular works included Blå Eld and Koka Blå, which are still considered Rörstrand classics today. Hertha stayed with Rörstrand until 1964.

swedish herta bengston pottery bowl

This mid-twentieth century vintage Swedish art pottery bowl is a fine example of Herta Bengtson's work for Rörstrand. The bowl has a stylised seed or floral motif in tube-lined design on the inner bowl, which is set on a brown and green mottle-glazed ground. It comes with an incised maker's mark and an HB monogram to the base.

swedish herta bengston pottery bowl


Rörstrand porcelain was one of the most famous producers of Swedish pottery and is still running today. The company was initially set up in 1726—making it the second oldest ceramics brand in Europe—when an associations contract was signed between all involved in the Swedish porcelain trade. In the early stages the association struggled as it competed with imported works from China, but slowly their skill and productivity increased.

Over the following two and a half centuries, Rörstrand porcelain rose to become one of the country’s most important industries. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Rörstrand employed over 1,000 people, and its pottery was being exported around the globe, competing and earning praise in many international competitions and exhibitions.

swedish herta bengston pottery bowl

Due to increased demand and production, Rörstrand moved from Stockholm to larger premises in Gothenburg and later Lidköping where it remained until the turn of the millennium. In 2004, due to increased production costs, the company was sold and production was moved to Hungary and Sri Lanka.

swedish herta bengston pottery bowl

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