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Product of the Week: Hermès Beige Sahara Jigé Clutch

The Hermès Jigé is a smart, classic clutch used by the likes of Olivia Palermo. This vintage version from the late seventies comes in dark beige Sahara pork skin with a light beige canvas interior. It’s a flat clutch with the H logo and has a single strap as a closure. Hermès handbags are usually simplistic, unpretentious, yet exceedingly well made. They are all hand-crafted in French workshops by select workers who are then given years of training. Each bag typically takes between 18-24 hours to produce, which is why they are amongst the most exclusive and luxurious bags in the world.


Starting out making award winning harnesses and saddlery for the carriage trade, Parisian born Hermès has been specialising in finest quality leather goods since 1837. Over the last decade or so, Hermès has taken the luxury market by storm and has risen to be one of the most innovative companies worldwide. Hermès has a seemingly extraordinary ability to be able to sell simple items, such as plain leather belts, for thousands of dollars. Their secret appears to lie in the ability to create an air of exclusivity and mystique. So much so, that the “Hermès waiting list” has become infamous in the handbag world, clients hoping to get their hands on the iconic Birkin or Kelly bags sometimes having to wait for years.

As well as leather goods, Hermès make ready-to-wear, perfume, watches and other luxury items. The Hermès watches department has done particularly well in recent years, having invested heavily in movement manufacture and design, they are now a well-respected player in the luxury mechanical watch world and have won many awards.

Today the Hermès family still owns a 60% stake in the company and Axel Dumas, 6th generation descendent of founder Thierry Hermès, is sitting at the helm.

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