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Handbags of Instagram: E.J. Johnson

In the latest episode of our Handbags of Instagram Series, we take a look at the remarkable handbag collection of reality star and son of basketball legend, the extravagant E.J. Johnson.

E.J. Johnson is the fierce, fabulous, and forever flawless son of Los Angeles Lakers icon Magic Johnson. His sassy personality and unapologetic style, have placed him on a stairway to stardom, making serious waves in the fashion industry on the way.

As one of the most talked about personalities of the hit E! reality show #RichKidsOfBeverlyHills and a Fashion Police regular, people are worshipping the glittery ground he walks on, and god, or shall I say Anna Wintour, only knows what the future will hold for this rising star.

With a superstar father like Magic Johnson, a Beverley Hills upbringing, an unlimited credit card and full access to everything you could possibly imagine, E.J. is the envy of every girl, guy and gay. More often than not, you’ll find him cruising through Hollywood in his G-Wagon, draped in fur, and en route to the Chanel counter—which is his “everything”.

Over the past year, the NYU student has lost an astonishing 100 pounds. So, naturally, he’s exploring new looks for his new body, and we, along with everybody else, love them! This of course includes the finest arm candy around. Despite being just 23 years old, Johnson already has an outrageously extravagant handbag collection. From Hermes Birkins to Chanel Flap Bags, Celine Luggage totes to Tom Ford clutches, E.J.’s closet is fit for a queen; after all, he was “born wearing a tiara.”   

We delved into the fabulous world of E.J. and chose 20 of our favourite magical E.J. handbag Instagram moments, all from the Rich Kid himself. “Yaaaaas!” 

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