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Handbags of Instagram: Rachel Zoe

In the latest episode of our Handbags of Instagram Series, we take a look at the extensive handbag collection of Hollywood style guru, Rachel Zoe.

Rachel Zoe is best known for being Hollywood’s number one celebrity stylist and fashion icon. She’s also a renowned designer, a “Bravolebrity”, and one of the most chic mothers in showbiz. Zoe’s style is almost as recognizable as the celebrities she dresses. Often spotted in full seventies glamour, her big shades, big furs, big hair and, of course, big handbags will make you “literally die”.

After starting out as an editor, with no formal training in fashion, Rachel is now an influential voice in the fashion industry. Her career as a stylist continues to reach new levels, just like her vast business empire. Her client list currently includes Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, amongst others, but more than anything else she’s known for turning young Hollywood starlets like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton into the style royalty they are today.

Since starring in her own Bravo reality TV show The Rachel Zoe Project, which ended after five seasons, she quickly became a household name. She soon gained an impressive following thanks to her witty charm, “major” catchphrases, fierce eye rolling, and hilarious outbursts of excitement about fashion—such as when she got a little too excited about a pair of Chanel earrings and burst out with: “Just throw me in my coffin now with those earrings on, I’m having a f***ing Chanel heart attack right now.”

The question is, without the reality show, how are we supposed to stalk our style crush and see which Hermés or Chanel bag she has on her arm? Well...Instagram of course! We went through Rachel Zoe’s entire Instagram feed and chose 20 of her “major” handbag moments, which will leave you … “gagging”.

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