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At Xupes, we strongly recommend that you obtain an Insurance Valuation for your watch. Should your timepiece ever be lost, stolen or damaged, this document provides all the information, including images, your personal details and an accurate near like-for-like replacement cost you will need to make an insurance claim.

We can provide an expert Insurance Valuation for your watch, however long you have owned it, and whether you bought it from us or elsewhere, or received it as a gift or inheritance.

The cover you need

An insurance valuation helps you ensure you obtain the level of cover you require. If you insure your watch for too little, any future claim could be declined. Equally, over-insuring your watch means you’ll be paying excessively high premiums, and insurance companies are understandably wary of inflated valuations. Looking further ahead, you may also need an insurance valuation when you come to sell your watch, or for probate purposes.

Expertise on hand

At Xupes, we can arrange your insurance valuations for you. We work in partnership with experts who are registered members of the National Association of Jewellers with over 30 years’ trade knowledge and horology expertise. We will provide you with a written valuation, which is a legal document you can use for insurance purposes. We can also put you in touch with trusted specialist insurance brokers T H March, who can arrange appropriate cover based on your insurance valuation.

Contact information for T H March: 01822 668000


Simple and comprehensive

If you bought your watch from Xupes within the last five years, simply email your invoice number or watch reference number at the address below and we will do the work for you. For new clients, or if you bought your watch from us more than five years ago, please complete and submit the form below. As part of the valuation process, we appraise your watch, note any distinctive features and prepare a full description including photographs, so you’ll need to bring your watch onto our premises.

Affordable peace of mind

Many companies will charge a percentage of your watch’s value to provide a valuation. At Xupes, we charge a fixed valuation fee, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying before you commit.

For watches purchased from Xupes, the fee is just £99 (reduced from £150); for all other watches, it’s £150 (reduced from £199).


To request an insurance valuation, please complete the enquiry form below, including as much detail as possible. A member of our valuations team will be in touch to discuss your requirements further. Alternatively, please call us on 01279 886518 from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm Saturday.

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