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Studio Pottery: Creating New Life From Timeless Forms

Studio pottery is currently enjoying a powerful revival. Discover why it still has so much to offer the contemporary art world.

Art & Design - Expert's Pick

Alphonse Mucha and The Enduring Power of Art Nouveau

What exactly is Art Nouveau and how did Alphonse Mucha establish himself as a star of the movement?

Art & Design - Expert's Pick

Fabergé: Russia, Romance, and Rare Treasures

Explore Fabergé, the iconic designers of impeccable skill and craftsmanship, favoured by royalty and a rarity in the modern day.

Art & Design - Expert's Pick

The Appeal and Allure of Picasso

Picasso paintings, sketches, and signed pieces continue to gain value year on year, and while other artists’ work comes and goes in and out fashion, Picasso, seemingly, has an appeal which is permanent. Discover a rare Picasso sketch which is available for sale through Xupes.

Art & Design - Expert's Pick

Contemporary British Ceramicists

Explore the work of three influential British Ceramicists, Lucie Rie, Mary Rich and Colin Pearson.

Art & Design - Expert's Pick

A Closer Look At Pietro Psaier

Allegations of a hoax and a certain mystery surround the artist Pietro Psaier.

Art & Design - Feature Article

Fired Up: Picasso Ceramics

Our art and antiques editor on why Picasso’s pottery is heading up our hot list.

Art & Design - Buying Guides

A Beginner's Guide to Middle Eastern and Islamic Ceramics

Adding some Middle Eastern style into the contemporary home with Islamic and Middle Eastern pottery.

Art & Design - Feature Article

Our Best Antiques on ITV's Masterpiece

With the next series due in February, we thought we’d re-cap on some of our favourite items featured in Alan Titchmarch's Masterpiece in 2016.

Art & Design - Feature Article

The Silver Fruit Knife: The Ultimate Luxury Accessory?

History of Art expert, Rowena Cameron-Mowat, talks us through the charm of an extraordinary collection of silver fruit knives.
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