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Introducing The Barn by Chrono24

Over the past 12 months, we have been working on an exciting partnership behind the scenes. If you have seen our new series of ‘Second-Hand for 50 Grand’ on Channel 4, you may have seen the unveiling of our new residence, ‘The Barn by Chrono24’ which we have recently relocated to. Our recent move is not the only thing that’s changing for the company though and the clue is in the name…

We are delighted to announce our partnership with online watch marketplace, Chrono24! Our exciting rebrand means Xupes Watches will now fully integrate with Chrono24 from January 2023.

The integration and rebrand comes after a successful first year in partnership and will help further improve the experience our valued customers receive. Xupes Servicing will also rebrand to be ‘The Watch Atelier’ and the handbags, jewellery and accessories side of the business will remain trading as Xupes.

As you’ll know if you’re a Xupes client or an avid reader of the Xupes Journal, Xupes was co-founded in 2009 by CEO, Joe McKenzie in Bishop’s Stortford, where our headquarters are still based today. Our new residence, ‘The Barn by Chrono24’ is grade II listed and features client experience spaces built upon the DNA Xupes created in the pre-owned market.

The barn features an incredible working environment as well as a bar, lounge and rooms furnished by Soho Home, which is part of the Soho House Group whom we have established a partnership with. There is now over 12,000 sq ft of space featuring rooms themed like a Vault and Library as well as internal and external spaces for events.

CEO, Joe McKenzie says, “This new barn gives us a chance to do this in a way that hasn’t been done before in the pre-owned market. It allows us to continue to improve the quality of watches and take the experience we offer our clients to new levels.”

Joe also commented that the new residence has dedicated space for creating content in-house including videography and photography studios. “Lockdown drove a large amount of business that would have taken place physically online, accelerating a transition that had been happening gradually. We look forward to creating more video and social content focused on our expertise and passion for watches using this new environment.” The space will also enable us to offer new services such as safe-keeping, maintenance, and ongoing valuation of luxury watches.

The Barn by Chrono24 is a pioneering moment, setting new standards for an immersive client experience, and we are delighted to now be welcoming clients into our new space.

CEO of Chrono24, Tim Stracke, comments: “We are excited to have a permanent base in the UK for our customers to visit and to identify with Chrono24. The UK remains an important market for us and one which we hope to continue to develop over the next few years. This beautiful barn gives us a new way to connect with our customers and a place to run events to enrich our marketplace and the watch community we’re part of.”

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