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Without any intention of doing so, this week’s drop is predominantly made up of two brands at very different ends of the spectrum: Rolex, rock-solid, high-volume, and generally low complication. Alongside Richard Mille, super complicated, avant-garde design and low production numbers. Wherever you land on the spectrum, you can’t go wrong.    

The Reverso was a product of the 30’s. Army officers needed a timekeeper on their wrists while playing polo which could be protected from impact. Every collection needs one. And if you are going to have one, the purist would argue, a time only, midnight blue dial is hard to beat.  

Two-tone is on fire right now. And we all know the Cartier Tank is an icon. Not only with legitimate historical pedigree, but also serious design DNA. This might be the perfect first watch if you’re looking to start your collection.   

We all know and love the Daytona. While you might see them out and about, rest assured you won’t see many of these. Its charm is in the fact that it looks like it may be steel – but it is in fact platinum. The ice-cold blue dial the giveaway. The definition of: “Stealth wealth”.

The Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson is also known as the “Baby Bubba Watson” (there is another, more complicated edition with a tourbillon, the RM 038). While it may not be as resistant to impact as Nadal’s, it can resist up to 500 G. The movement is held by 4 shock absorbers that create a link between the external framework and the movement itself, so it’s protected against (nearly) all vibrations. Wild.  

The last 24 months has seen two things happen. Waitlists have gotten longer and longer and sizes, on average, have come down. This OP from Rolex is right in that sweet spot of 36mm, perfect blue dial (scientifically proven to be more appealing than any other colour!) and in excellent condition.   

The story of the Baignoire watch began in 1912, when Louis Cartier took the traditional round watch shape and elongated it. His stylistic research culminated in two straight parallel lines closed by two curves, which formed the distinctive shape. A perfectly proportioned cocktail watch. Elegant and painstakingly crafted.   

We may run out of superlatives for this Rolex Yacht-Master. White gold, 40mm, bold bezel and dial markers, it really is the go anywhere, do anything sports watch that you can enjoy in the knowledge it is also a fine investment. 

So, whether you’re already the proud owner of an impressive watch collection or you’re just dipping your toe into the world of watches, we're here to assist you whatever your requirements. 

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