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David Jerome: Life in colour


I was recently privileged enough to have a private viewing of Davids amazing jewellery collection. In almost 20 years in the jewellery industry I have never seen a collection like it, David prides himself in only sourcing the finest and most exclusive gemstones for which he then designs its own individual setting in 18ct gold or platinum, most often complemented by beautiful diamonds making each piece of jewellery a unique work of art. 

In a world where gem treatments are commonplace David prefers to keep gemstones in their natural state wherever possible and each piece comes with its own certificate so you can be assured of its provenance. 

This is the quality of jewellery that you would usually only find in the finest Bond Street boutiques and is now available at a much more affordable price because instead of passing through many hands on its way to the retail store it has been sourced directly by David and is brought unworn to you by Xupes.  

David is rightly proud of his collection, it is a legacy of many years of adventure and love of gemstones and he feels that now is the time for these amazing creations to be worn and admired and we are lucky enough at Xupes to be bring just a selection of these amazing creations to our customers. 

David can’t pick a favourite… however I have attempted to pick 5 of his creations to share with you 

David Jerome Certified 35.17ct untreated Colombian Emerald Oval Cut drop Earrings 

The undoubtable showstopper of the collection these earrings boast an amazing 35.17ct of emerald and would look at home on any red carpet. 

It is really rare to find a pair of earrings of this size and quality and even rarer to find a pair where the emerald has been cut from the same crystal. Usually when earrings are made they are matched as closely as possible but here the gemstones match perfectly. 

The emerald was sourced in Columbia and came from the famous Chivor mine. Geologically speaking, Colombian emeralds are said to be the purest emeralds in the world and Chivor mines are known to produce emerald of the most desirable deeper green colour.  

A gem's value depends upon its size, purity, colour and brilliance and these are a great example. These beautiful emeralds are complemented by a halo of beautiful diamonds that are suspended from a trio of marquis cut diamonds all set in 18k white gold. 

David Jerome Certified 5.22ct Brazilian Aquamarine Emerald cut ring

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and in recent years it has become more and more popular  and when Meghan Markle wore a ring that had belonged to Princess Diana and gifted to her by Prince Harry at her wedding reception it cemented its position as the stone of choice for the modern woman. 

This ring showcases a beautiful 5.22ct gently heated Brazilian emerald cut aquamarine in an emerald cut which is perfect to showcasing this clean looking gemstone. The gem is the star in this piece and is complemented by a split shank that is pave set with 20 points of diamonds in an 18k white gold setting.  

David Jerome Certified 1.5ct untreated Vietnamese Ruby Cushion cut Ring 

As well as being the birthstone for July, ruby is associated with love and passion making it the perfect alternative to diamond for an engagement ring. 

Ruby is often treated to enhance its colour and reduce its imperfections, but this ring features a natural ruby from Vietnam which has had no enhancement to its natural beauty.  

The central ruby is surrounded by three rows of brilliant cut diamonds which continue along the split shank to the sides of the 18k white gold ring.   

David Jerome Certified 5.6ct Cushion Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Ring 

Tanzanite is a relatively modern discovery in the gem world being discovered in 1967 and being found in only one place on earth, the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, making them rarer than diamonds and limited in supply. Vivid blue shades are the most desirable and these are achieved with a mild heat treatment often applied within the mines. 

Most tanzanite stones are under 5 carats in weight, this ring features a beautiful 5.6ct cushion cut tanzanite in a deep blue shade at its centre surrounded by a row of round brilliant cut diamonds.  

Its setting is quite modern with a split curved shank and some lovely scroll work detail on the stones casing.  

Because of their rapid rise in popularity tanzanite was designated the birthstone for December in 2002.    

David Jerome Certified 19.76ct untreated Brazilian Morganite Pear Cut Pendant 

This is another breath-taking piece of jewellery. Morganite is another 20th century discovery, discovered in 1910 and named after J P Morgan who was one of the most important gem collectors of the early 1900’s. Morganite is more readily available in larger carat weights ranges in tone from peach to pink.  

At the centre of this stunning pendant is a 19.76ct pear cut pear cut morganite set within a framework of brilliant cut diamonds (3.89ct total) in a delicate white gold setting which is almost reminiscent of lace. The pendant is complemented by an 18ct white gold chain with delicate bead detail and would look stunning with evening dress but work equally well with smart tailoring for day wear. 

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