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Spotlight On: Graff Fancy Yellow Diamond & White Diamond Dress Earrings

Exquisite in every detail, the Fancy Yellow & White Diamond Dress Earrings by Graff Diamonds are one of the most unique pairs in our high jewellery collection, holding a legacy formed by over half a century of expertise and obsession with perfection.


Known as one of the world’s most outstanding jewellers, the maison was built on Laurence Graff’s unapologetic fascination with refined gemstones. Graff found his signature aesthetic at a very young age by experimenting with creating statement pieces featuring multiple diamonds. His passion for these gems undoubtedly led to what the jewellery house stands for today, whilst representing their roots and aiming to offer timeless pieces with individual design.

Graff Diamond earrings

“They {the clientele}” buy what we love: we love our jewels like we love our children; they are very, very special to us and we strive to offer jewellery pieces that will last forever.”

Laurence Graff

Blending their approach with the creativity of the maison’s artists, Graff offers a variety of ranges inspired by breathtaking fantasies and elements found in nature. Whether it’s a modern  geometric cuff or classic earrings, the jewellers of Graff have a one of a kind ability to express endless stories purely with diamonds and silhouettes.

Today, the Fancy Yellow Diamond & White Diamond Dress Earrings stand alongside some of the most iconic pieces of modern jewellery history, crafted by Graff. They have also designed some remarkable timepieces which transcend the watch / jewellery boundary such as the Hallucination Watch, priced at $55 million and the Fascination Watch, commanding $40 million with a pear-shaped, 38.12 carat diamond centerpiece.


From their design with the fringed, detailed concentric circles to the series of brilliant-cut white and fancy yellow diamonds, this fascinating pair instantly showcases Graff’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Graff Diamond earrings

As with all Graff diamonds, the stones in these earrings were colour-matched and individually selected with a determined optimal cut to create a visually flawless finish. While crafting the framework and adding the finishing touches, Graff combined traditional techniques (utilised by in-house metal-smiths to refine the raw metals for each piece) with innovative methods, such as creating an invisible set technique that allows the diamonds to be placed tightly by cutting tiny grooves on their underside. For other pieces and collections (such as the Snowfall Collection), Graff has been experimenting with 3D printing to create fragile and fluid structures, a technique that embraces modern technology, efficiency and precision.

The style of the earrings is just as impressive and striking as its craftsmanship. The construction of the earrings centre around the yellow diamonds in the middle, with both  concentric circles and cascading waterfall details used to draw the eye. While the geometric, fancy yellow diamonds represent devotion and love, the white diamonds that make up the rest of the design add a more traditional touch and some welcome sparkle.

Graff Diamond earrings


Earrings as elevated and outstanding as these were designed to be worn for the most special moments in life. The earrings will have a shine like no other during anniversaries, fundraising and red carpet events and hold a versatility, allowing many different aesthetics to be paired with them.

Dark & Mysterious

Sheer textures such as mesh and guipure lace and deep shades such as black and oxblood will create a dazzling contrast with this pair. Although it might seem like a surprising pairing, fashion houses are known for their dramatic designs such as Alexander McQueen, Alexandre Vauthier and Dolce & Gabbana which would all have a regal overall look with the earrings.

Feminine Accents

Silk, satin and eyelash lace accents that represent softness will ensure the earrings are the show-stoppers of the look. We also love seeing the diamonds against subtle pearl details (such as a pearl embellished clutch). Marchesa and Elie Saab gowns that follow a romantic inspiration will bring out the earrings’ most feminine side.

Classic Heritage Luxury

Another pairing we can’t forget about is traditionally lavish designs and materials: velvet, bonded silk and layered tulle accents will accentuate the earrings’ legacy beautifully. We’re thinking of designs such as Zac Posen’s gowns and Dior’s vintage silhouettes, timeless pieces crafted from structured materials with rich embroidery and embellishments.

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