About Xupes Magazine

Xupes Magazine is the creative side of, a pre-owned luxury lifestyle retailer. Our aim is to bring you our passion and knowledge for pre-owned and vintage luxury products from high-end Swiss watches to designer handbags. Our small but dedicated team works hard to bring you the latest news, reviews and editorial features from the world of pre-owned luxury goods. We hope you enjoy our work and welcome your feedback!


Hugh Taylor

Hugh is our editor-in-chief. He's responsible for the overall content of the magazine. He's also our number one writer for all things Watch related, offering his opinions on the latest horological innovations and providing quality advice for those eyeing up their first (or next) watch purchase. Hugh is also a keen mountaineer and has recently completed a summit of Aconcagua in Argentina where he field-tested a Waltham watch.

Yvette Conner
Yvette leads our Art & Design team here at Xupes. Yvette is responsible for bringing you inspiring content from the Art world and advice on how best to decorate your home with the best objects in our collection. Yvette's experience and skills lie in product design and she also has a passion for architecture. 

Reece Morgan

Reece is our resident fashion expert and writes about the latest trends in the industry, focussing on the luxury leather goods sector. A seasoned fashion blogger and photographer, Reece also runs the Handbag department over at making him the perfect person to offer buying tips and the latest trends to our readers.

Joseph McKenzie
Joe is our founder and director, with a hand in all areas of the business. He's a workaholic and has an unrivalled passion for watches, which is why he writes regular reviews of any watch that takes his fancy.

Owen Davies
Owen is our resident Photographer and runs the creative department at both and Xupes Magazine. Responsible for the beautiful imagery you see on the magazine, Owen has a keen interest in watches and can usually be found locked away in the studio chasing that perfect shot.

Sorcha Garavan

Sorcha Garavan

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Sorcha is Reece's assistant in the Xupes Handbag Department and she's a keen blogger on designer handbags and watches. Outside of the workplace Sorcha also dabbles in acting and recently appeared in Allied alongside Brad Pitt. 

Hallam Tweddell
Hallam is part of our Marketing and Communications team here at Xupes. Hallam is responsible for bringing the most interesting and exclusive items Xupes offers to the forefront of our social channels. Hallam will be found writing about the best-of-the-best that he finds in our extensive collection. 

Hayley Eustace

Hayley Eustace

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Hayley is our resident Jewellery expert and writes about the latest trends in the industry. Hayley runs the Jewellery department over at making her the perfect person to offer buying tips and insight on the latest trends to our readers.