“Throughout Cartier’s history the proud Panthère has been used as a symbol and muse for their jewellery collections. While there is a dazzling array of jewellery still available in the collection today, this particular edition has been discontinued and is seldom seen.”

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18K Geel Goud

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The significance of the big cat Panthère cannot be overlooked in discovering the importance of this Cartier collection and ergo this piece. Throughout Cartier’s history they have used the proud feline as a symbol and muse for their jewellery collections, editorial literature and advertising campaigns. The strength, silence and mesmerising nature of the animal is synonymous with the Cartier brand in a way no other icon or creature can be. Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter and Vivienne Becker, along with other writers, documented this vibrant and visceral connection in a beautiful publication available from Assouline released in 2015 to celebrate the centenary.

Since 1914 Cartier have eluded to the elusive and seductive wild cat in their creations and it is apparent in this Figurative Lakarda. While there is a dazzling array of jewellery still available in the collection, this particular edition has been discontinued and is seldom seen. Many versions of the rings and bracelets are found, gem set throughout the exterior, so the subtlety of this plain gold finish is refreshing. These special editions with full Panther heads and precious stone features were the brief offshoot of what is still the varied jewellery collection. The rarity and short production life of pieces as complex and creative as this are a reminder of why Cartier truly are one of the greatest luxury brands in history, with their ability to continue to create and move on to the next.

Made in 2000, this 18k yellow gold Panthère Figurative Lakarda has a white Cartier dial with a branded Roman numeral seven and a small “Cartier” in the left hand ascender. This is something that can only be done in-house by the brand themselves and is not replicated easily by aftermarket dial makers. The glowing green eyes are certified emeralds and black nose is made from Onyx. The case and surfaces here are in immaculate condition. The watch comes complete with full paperwork and original box.

Another remarkable feature, only achievable by such highly skilled jewellers, is the finely crafted 18k yellow gold linked bracelet, set to a stiff curl. The interior of the bracelet completely hides a tough steel spring system, enabling the wearer to uncurl for easy fitting without damaging the shape. The caseback reads ‘Cartier Made in France 750’ appropriately confirming its place of manufacture at their master jewellers in France where the majority of their jewellery work is carried out. The majority of Cartier’s other timepieces will be crafted in their watchmaking facilities in Switzerland.


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