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Vintage Engagement Ring Design with Taylor & Hart

For lovers of all things antique, a vintage-inspired engagement ring to match your personal style is a must. 

There are many different elements that can be altered and personalised to achieve an engagement ring that embraces the most beautiful eras of design history. 

Below, we explore design elements that are frequently seen in vintage engagement ring designs. Whether you appreciate the natural forms of Art Nouveau design or the bold and dazzling designs of Hollywood’s golden age, a vintage-inspired engagement ring can be achieved by mixing and matching certain elements of jewellery design to suit your ring aspirations. 

Hand engraving 

A hand engraved engagement ring allows you to merge your own personal style with a vintage design effect. 

Hand engraving can achieve a variety of results from organic or floral designs to patterns or text being engraved onto the ring band, achieving a unique but vintage style. A matte finish can really emphasise the vintage aesthetic, making your ring look as if it has been passed down through generations. 

Hand engraving on a ring available through Taylor & Hart.
Hand engraving on a ring available through Taylor & Hart.


This detail emerged in the Edwardian era from 1905-1915 and reached the peak of its popularity in the era of Art Deco design during the 1920s and 1930s.

Inspired by natural forms and lace, filigree features beautifully intricate hand-carved shapes and designs along the collet or band. Filigree engagement rings result offer a level of depth and texture and this timeless style’ popularity continues to this present day. It’s easy to see why when you see what a truly unique finish this design aspect offers.


Milgrain is a raised beading detail that is often seen in antique-style jewellery and results in a much sought after vintage feel. Typically featured along the edges of ring designs, milgrain almost serves as a textured frame, emphasising the beauty of the gemstone or diamond at its centre.

Filigree and milgrain ring details available from Taylor and Hart.
Filigree and Milgrain ring details.

Emerald & Asscher cut diamonds & gemstones

Emerald and Asscher cuts are ideal if you want just a small nod to vintage style in your otherwise contemporary ring design. Beautiful in a trilogy setting, these cuts are known for their large, open tables and are an elegant choice for lovers of antique-style jewellery without embracing a wholly vintage design.

An emerald cut diamond and emerald moi et toi engagement ring with bead set diamond band from Taylor & Hart
An emerald cut diamond and emerald moi et toi engagement ring with bead set diamond band.

Rose cut diamonds

Dating back to the 1500’s, this vintage diamond cut is considered as one of the originals, often seen in antique jewellery. A rose cut diamond features anywhere from 3 to 24 triangular facets and peaks into a dome shape, resembling the soft curve of a rose petal, hence its name.

Rose cut diamonds are rare and hand carved, unlike machine cut brilliant diamonds seen in the majority of engagement rings today, which gives them a vintage feel with their distinct facet structure. Much like emerald and Asscher cut stones, a rose cut diamond in a contemporary design is the perfect way to balance a vintage-inspired centre stone with your own modern twist.

A rose cut diamond ring available through Taylor & Hart.
A rose cut diamond ring.

There are infinite ways in which a ring can be crafted to suit the style of a vintage lover. Often featuring intricate and detailed design aspects, vintage engagement rings beautifully incorporate the new and the old into one seamlessly finished design.

Drawing on designs from the past is a thoughtful way to achieve a distinctive, vintage-inspired engagement ring that still holds your own personal tastes. Bespoke jeweller, Taylor & Hart, specialises in customised engagement ring designs. So whether you want something entirely unique, or simply want to incorporate one or two vintage design elements that you love, their skilled design consultants can bring your ideas to life.

An emerald cut diamond engagement ring with diamond baguette side stones sketch from Taylor and Hart.
An emerald cut diamond engagement ring with diamond baguette side stones.